A Reminder To Listen To Your Body

Hey everyone, here’s your reminder to listen to your body, however small you think it may be.

A buddy of mine, a guy I’ve known for 17 years had a massive heart attack out of nowhere on Monday night. Was walking to his bedroom to get some shuteye and just toppled over like a tower. This was a man who took care of himself too. Not only was he a concealed carrier, but he was a black belt in Hapkido, ate well and was probably the least stressed person I’ve ever met.

Last week he said his shoulder and arm hurt, but chalked it up to something he did at work and didn’t think much of it. I know hindsight is 20/20, but LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU.

He was without air for over 10 minutes and they want to gauge any sort of brain damage after he gets out of his coma. Please pray for him, and don’t let this, or something like this, happen to you.


Thank you for sharing this story. I know I usually assume that any random pain is because of something I did earlier. This is definitely a good reminder for me. I think I am going to be getting a physical scheduled very soon.


I am praying for your friend’s recovery and for his family to be given strength to get through this ordeal.

I dont know if I would have reacted to something mundane like shoulder pain… Got to be more than that to raise alarms!


My prayers are with your friend. Unfortunately my warnings where equally subtle right up until about 30 minutes before my recent heart attack. Fortunately my wife hit 111+ on the highway and got me to the hospital just before my heart stopped. Took 25 minutes of CPR to get it going again but fortunately no mental issues for me aside from having no memory of my first 3 days in the hospital despite the nurses telling me that I had been awake and aware of what was going on.

I wasn’t in the shape it sounds like your friend was in but I wasn’t in horrible shape either and have a pretty stress and vice free life. No close family history of heart attacks either.

Definitely recommend being aware that none of us are invincible or immune to sudden health issues.


With all our situational awareness, this is the one thing we never see coming. I myself was recently discharged after receiving 4 stents and now in cardio therapy. I waited the same amount of time, after experiencing the same symptoms. And Poof!
Prayers and best wishes. The coma is the mind/body taking a break! Men of your friends caliber and fortitude surely will come through stronger than before!
My plan now is to outlive my grandkids!


That will piss them off if they are in line to get your firearms. :joy:


Thanks everybody for your thoughts and prayers.

My day job (side job is instructor) is pretty physically demanding (lineman), so I get a lot more cardio than your typical desk jockey, but it’s still not enough. I hit the gym, do Krav Maga, and I’m training for the upcoming Tactical Games. We’ll see how I do.

Keep healthy everyone.


There , they’re , and their : they sound the same but have different meanings and keeping them straight can be very tricky.


You knew what I meant. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I will be praying for your friend keep the faith and tell him to keep the faith God got his back. He’s healed the blind the deaf and the cripple, I believe he will pull through this.


Prayers up for a speedy full recovery.


When I was a EMT they taught us that when a person having chest pains says they are going to die then you better step it up and hotfoot to the hospital.


This is a good reminder. Between getting older and my training I almost always have some aches and pains going on. It is a good idea to slow down sometimes and evaluate what’s really going on.


"That will piss them off if they are in line to get your firearms. "

Mike270, while I agree with your statement, I am puzzled as to why you directed it at BRUCE26. His use of “they are” was quite correct in that context.

I guess keeping them straight is tricky.

Happy New Year


Praying for his recovery.


“Doosh” is also a word that sounds like another, but isn’t nearly as hard to keep straight.


One day 5 years ago I was weedeating the yard after mowing it. It was Memorial Day in south Texas, a hot and humid day. I was sweating quite a bit so decided to take a break. My left shoulder was really starting to hurt but I blamed it on holding the weedeater for two hours. I went inside to get a drink of water. My wife said I didn’t look too good. I took a shower and laid down for a minute. Thought I was going to throw up so I got up. My shoulder was still hurting so my wife took me to the ER where they said I was having a heart attack. It was a mild one but still an attack. Next day my new cardiologist put a stint in one side of my heart and to this day I still go in for a checkup once a year.


I had 2 stents put in Friday after Thanksgiving. Wednesday morning I woke up with pressure in my chest, no pain, sweating or anything , just pressure. My wife took me to the local ER and they transported me to the big hospital with cardiology department. My LAD ( widow maker artery on my heart) was 75 % blocked- good thing this 67 year old paid attention. I start my 3 months of cardiac rehab tomorrow.

Stay well and be safe.


Glad to have you here @Ted12 :+1:

Also glad to hear you only needed 2 stents :+1:

I had 6 bypasses the week before Thanksgiving and starting Cardio Therapy this Thursday, 6 January. I wanted to start sooner, but they said they appreciated my enthusiasm, but they wouldn’t let me start any sooner :grinning:


Important information. 11 years ago I had a heart attack that resulted in a double bypass. I thought I was the healthiest 64 year old anywhere. I ran 6 days a week and played tennis 3 times a week. Absolutely no symptoms until the night of my heart attack. I’m doing great, but heart disease, like cancer, does not care how healthy you are.