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Love your icon, my favorite firearm manufacturer. So what is in your glass? I poured a 13 year-old, lightly peated cask-strength, single cask from Loch Lomond, Inchmoan, one of 247 bottles produced from that cask. It turned out to be the last dram in that bottle.

These single cask, cask-strength Scotches really give you an appreciation for what real Scotch is, and how amazing it can be. I can’t imagine the job of tasting these casks and trying to decide when is the “right” time to bottle them. I had a 41 year-old recently that was mind-blowingly amazing, it was probably not much different than it was when it was 40 years-old, or younger, even. Makes you wonder why they waited until then, not that I am complaining, it was the best I have had yet.

I now notice nuances of those flavors in some of the younger ones I enjoy. It was truly an amazing experience, especially so for my friend who got to experience a whisky older than him. An old song lyric popped into my mind as I was writing the prior sentence, life is good to me so far, by Joe Walsh. I always laughed at the lyrics.

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A few more facts trickle out:

So he was charged. He had threatened neighbors in the past. He was intoxicated the night of the arrest.

Our community has reinforced some sound logic. Don’t provoke violence. Don’t threaten folks.


Well you do have a point there!


You’re right, how could I be so blind. This must be the new world order that George H.W. Bush told us about


Yepp, cant say he did everything perfectly. Thank you for posting that update!


To drink from a cask, is now on my bucket list!


@Dave17 – I cannot say that I’ve tried a great variety of Scotches. I am willing to learn. From what I have tried so far, I like Talisker. And I guess by now we are completely off topic.

Thanks, I think some others here asked about the Beretta logo. A quick explanation at the link below.


Lol I love how this went from home defense to favorite liquor! Thanks for sharing the story behind the logo, I didnt know that; and I also agree that it looks cool!


And lets be more “gray man”.

While I think everyone should be able to express their political beliefs without fear of harm (like displaying a Trump Train flag in front of your house), from a practicality perspective it might not be the best idea. Just like how we don’t want to print while carrying concealed, its not a good idea to print with our politics in places where we don’t want the discourse or want to protect. Political signature reduction.

I do not display items that show my political beliefs in front of my home or on my car. I had a local candidate for city council come to my door asking for my vote, I told him he has it and he turns to the person with him and says “lets get him a yard sign”. I said, “nope”. He was like, “Oh, its not like its a Trump 2020 sign”. Even though the office he was running for was non-partisan, he was well known as a Republican.

Political signature reduction.


That is definitely wise to go around as more of a gray man.


As @Jeff-A1 said, it helps to wait for more of the story to come out. Guess I jumped the gun on that one a little bit. :wink:


Yes, sorry about that. I was just enjoying a nice Scotch while reading about these disturbing events. I’ve been fortunate to be far enough away from any rioting that those events have not personally impacted me.

I do have a couple of Beretta t-shirts that I wear on a rare occasion outside of the home, but as like most here have stated, I do not have anything on my vehicle nor on my property to identify my politics or firearm ownership.