Watch "Cities bracing for potential unrest after 2020 election as gun sales rise, Can Texas Turn Blue?" on YouTube

I’ve been seeing alot of chatter that due to huge metropolitan build up, and what’s happened to Austin. Plus the money Bloomberg has put into state and national politics in Texas that it may be in legitimate play for flipping.


Saw this earlier; would hate to see that happen. Npmally I’d say no way but I just don’t know anymore, folks are whacked these days


I never would have thought it possible that America would be boarding up due to an election. Crazy days, for sure.


Our way of government and civility have always set us apart from the rest of the world. The Left (democrats and RINOs), antifa, and blm are destroying this great nation. Perhaps its time to give these thugs their own nation (perhaps california or new york) and let them destroy themselves…

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Ever read the book ‘When Violence is the Answer’?

If you have, then you understand the difference between Social Agression and Asocial Violence and that Asocial Violence occurs when the aggressor has no intent, or interest, in communication and their only motive is to overpower or destroy the victim.

I wonder if any analogies can be drawn? It’s just an idea (heard that before?), but what if your country is the victim in this case?


I think you described democrats/RINOs, antifa and blm beautifully. You are truly one of the wise ones.

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I was thinking more like the city of Atlantis or Carthage

They can have their dreams come true in Venezuela, anywhere but in the United States, I don’t want them breathing the same air. Originally they said they were going to leave, I think we should seriously think about a go fund me page to help them on their way! Escort them to the trains, and airports get them off our land.

By the way if TEXAS , of all the places in world turns blue, maybe we should leave! OH CANADA!? They have open borders, right?

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How about a plane ticket to their country of their choice? Life is too short to be miserable. I would chip in for some one way plane tickets to North Korea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or any other utopian dream for these maniacs. :+1:


In all honesty, gun people have made the case that we are all safer when everyone is armed. The increase in sales should make everyone feel a little safer. The left is coming to the table and buying guns. What does that mean? That means they will want their rights protected… so it has effectively put us in a better position on 2a in my opinion. More people care about 2a now! On the flip side, it’s going to be more difficult to use fear tactics (like what we saw with the Biden bus incident in Texas) against these people, moving forward.
I used to box, and there is a saying in boxing… “you gotta keep your sparring partner or opponent honest”… That means you have to assure them that it’s in their best interest to respect your power and skill… All that’s happening is that all sides are keeping each other a little more honest now…and that will help us all focus on diplomacy.

Just my 2 cents.

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I agree with all you’ve said. I’d add, however, that the left coming to the 2A table could be like the meme I saw (I think on this site)- a guy with a T-shirt that said: I own guns, I support the 2A and I support common sense gun control— still scary…


Yeah, that could happen. However, I think there are a few things to consider that might put you at ease a bit.

  1. People that supported 2a rights before all of this, will continue to support 2a rights.
  2. People that have been converted as a result of all of this, now have a clear understanding of what it means to be a gun owner, and they understand why that is important to them on a personal level…and they will fight for that. You have to understand that before they actually bought a gun, and took on that responsibility, they didn’t have a full understanding of what being a gun owner meant… and to be fair, the right wasn’t providing them with an easy path to communities and knowledge. Sure, I could take classes…but I would likely have to endure a Pro-Trump rant and bight my lip to avoid a messy debate… why do we even need to start there? lol… That said, numbers are numbers. You now have all the support you had before + a big slice of the left… It is in every 2a supporters best interest to embrace every American that wants to support the cause…
  3. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t support any additional gun laws… and that position has strengthened since I became a gun owner. I used to be on the fence on certain things, but after gaining some knowledge and experience, I understand that the benefits far far far outweigh the risks. I think there’s a lot of people like me out there. We just don’t speak up because we don’t have a home on the right or left anymore…lol…but, we are here…

Don’t California my Texas!