Walther PK380

For those training to shoot off-hand, this pistol might be an answer. Except for its ejection-port, it’s totally ambidextrous - dual slide-safeties, mag lever-releases, ,and no slide-stop. With its 3.6" barrel, it’s now the longest on the market. You can get it in all-black or duo-tone. What I DON’T like is that it comes with a small wrench to be used to field-strip the pistol, and the single magazine - I’ve always insisted on 2 reloads for any handgun, and the 2 extra mags were $36 each - add the magazine disconnect, too. I paid $375 from Gun Traders, a shop in Reading, PA for this SA/DA .380.

I have one. As you mention, the paddle release is great, I wish more pistols used that system.

Frankly, its slip from favourite had to do with magazines, I just couldn’t get reliable ones. That said, I also like the DA/SA, however, the lack of a hammer dropping mechanism also annoyed me. Obviously, it wasn’t a deal-breaker, it is just that, in the end, O liked a different one better.