Looking for alternatives to PPK

I got a PPK chambered in 380 ACP for my wife about 3 weeks ago. The main problem for her is racking the slide despite multiple YouTube videos on technique, she had carpal tunnel in the past. Walther has a 30 day guarantee and I can get my money back, about $850 before taxes. Does anyone know of any pistols with these requirements for under $850 with her requirements:

380 ACP


Hammer Fired

De-cocker Safety Combo could be separate.

Easy racking.

No micro guns.

I found a Walther pk380 but it has no de-cocker, you have to press the trigger on safe to drop the hammer.

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The Bersa Thunder 380 is a little better but still might not be great (I have both).

I know this is not what you are looking for but someone makes a barrel racker (saw them at Cabela’s) for people with issues not unlike what you are describing. This http://handi-racker.com/ is not the one I saw but is the first one I found using Goggle.


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Isn’t there a s&w EZ for this reason? PPK require’s significant force to rack…& $850 is $300+ too high for one.


I would personally go with M&P 380 EZ… but it doesn’t meet all your requirements…


Thanks, that looks good for the range but I don’t know about carrying that around for concealed carry.

I’ll see if they carry a Bersa Thunder 380 at the shop I’m visiting.

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@Brad @Jerzy the shield looks good but she does not like the light SA pull. I am trying to convince her on the PK380 which has almost all the requirements except the de-cocker and is easy to rack like the EZ. I’m going to a shop today to compare the EZ and PK380. I was seeing if there was anything I missed on Google.


I ended up getting her a PK380 the trigger and feel of the gun was better than the EZ, the EZ was just a hair easier to rack but not much difference. There was not Bersa there. Thanks everyone for your input.


Let us know how you like it!


Next step - teach your wife how to use safety :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy shooting :+1: