Walther Pistols

Just bought James Bond’s gun.


I’d rather have the Bond Girls. :wink:


They weren’t for sale at the gun store.

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I’ve had my PPK/S 380 (Interarms) since the 1980s. It’s my warm weather EDC with Lehigh Defense Extreme Penetrators since the ammo was available. No need for anything bigger with performance an par with 9mm in penetration and permanent wound cavity. (YouTube demos.)
Note: It’s not the 9mm “over-penrtrators”!
LD rates it at 14" in FBI gel.

Welcome Harvey to the crowd. I saw the PPK/S and it had a good price on it. First eval after 50 rounds is a very nice shooting weapon. Shoots a tad high but nothing too serious.

Thanks. Mine shoots a little high a 15 yards but just about right-on at 3-7 yards. That’s with my LD/XP carry load. Other loads vary. It’s all within an inch from POA. I don’t target practice with this much past 15 yards. (70 y.o. eyes and little sites!) I try to center on 6" paper plates for targets.

I still want a Bond gun… Don’t need it, but want.

Out of curiosity, do any of you have experience with the Walther Creed polymer guns?

Striker fired tupperware (I am a 1911 man), but for the money, if it works, a good tool.


I also have a PPX polymer 9 mill. Love the Walther trigger action and accuracy. Hard to beat

Just an FYI:

I believe PPS is also included. Not sure about other models like CCP. I don’t think PPK is included. Could be wrong. Worth checking out if you’re interested in a Walther.

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Love Walther! Congratulations on the purchase!

I own the Walther CCP M2. :+1:t5::+1:t5:
I want just one more Walther… That Q5 9mm which I will add a reflex sight.

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I’m jealous! Ever since they started making these again I’ve had my eye on getting one, but out of my budget. Beautiful gun you’ve got there!

I love me my CCP. Carry it everywhere I go. In New Mexico, we’re not allowed to carry a back up gun, but I want a CCP m2 to carry so that if I do end up having to defend myself, I still have a carry gun during all the investigations.

The Walthers are a very nice handling weapon. I couldn’t recommend them more. A smooth trigger pull with amazing accuracy on first shot.

I wish they made the PPK in 9mm. I need another caliber like I need a hole in the head…

I have the PPX in 9mm and the PPK in .380. I love them both. I am looking at the PPQ Match now. Hope to have that little beauty in my gun safe soon.

Beauty -> YES :star_struck::heart_eyes:
…but… is she little? :thinking: