Walther PDP


So, Walther announced a new handgun yesterday, and it sounds VERY exciting. Now, I don’t immediately rush out and buy the coolest, newest gadget, especially when my life might depend on it. Has anyone tried it? It sounds like an upgraded PPQ, and looks like a less stylish PPQ. Does anyone know if this assessment is correct?


I’m not familiar with Walter, but I’m curious about this pistol. Honest Outlaw did a reveal with it a couple of days ago. It seemed like a good shooter coming out at a good price.

The only thing I’m not sure of is the extended slide release, but I hold the gun With my thumb off the frame anyway. With my Shield 45, Sometimes my thumb creeps over and then I have a failure to lock back. Wondering if this gun would do the same.

What is VERY exciting to you about it? Seems like meet the new boss, same as the old boss to me. I can’t think of anything to complain about on the PPQ.

I work part time at a gun range just to get out of the house, so am able to try various firearms.

We had a five at the gun range this week and today they are all sold. I have not shot our rental one yet, but I have tried the grip and held it. It is a little big for my hand, and the reach for the trigger for me is a little too much. I have small hands. I prefer the smaller handguns like the Hellcat. I do like the feel in the hands though and do plan to shoot it in the next week or so.

Everyone who has fired it has stated that it is very good gun. I rented the PDP today and the person fell in love with it, but the last one was sold while he was in shooting and making a decision.

It was easy to break down for cleaning, which I did today to clean our rental one. So far it appears to be a good choice for someone not wanting a small firearm like the 365, Hellcat, or Shields. If I had bigger hands, I would probably like it more. It would be worth it to give one a test drive.


Haven’t had a chance to check PDP yet, but if it’s really upgraded PPQ (better grip texturing and optic’s plates) then whoever buys this pistol will never regret his decision.

Regarding long slide lock / release lever… even it seems to be a problem, you will get use to it within 100 rounds and find it very usable to be longer as usual. (Similar concept can be found in H&K P30 and VP9).

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Wonder if the PPQ might go down in price with this one being released?

I’ve been in love with the PPQ for years. I’ve got a feeling this may be a really big hit. With it being optic ready and appears you do not lose the rear sight, plus I read it takes Glock style sights, this may be a really really good gun.

My only issue with Walther in the past has been aftermarket support. You can usually find what you need but sometimes you got to search a bit. If it takes Glock sights that’s one huge issue out of the way.

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PDP uses the same mags too.


– Barrel 9×19
– Compression Spring
– Take Down Lever
– Roll Pins
– Extractor Plunger
– Slide Stop Lever
– Barrel Lock
– Recoil Spring Assy
– Safety Plunger

This PDP is really upgraded version of PPQ… but nothing to be surprised, why create something new, if the best already exists.

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The big plus to me is it’s a decent priced gun with a good reputation already cut for an RMR. Looks like it’s one of those similar upgrades like the M&P 1.0 to the 2.0. If you already have a 1.0 you prolly don’t need a 2.0.

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:wink: I’m opposite: I do have M&P 2.0… don’t need (don’t even want) a 1.0 :grin:

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I’d get a new 1.0 for the right price :grin:

As the beautiful first version with the proper mag release…or the new fangled one that works like “normal?”

PDP Compact uses PPQ M2 magazines, so, normal buttons, not paddles.

PDP full sizes use 18 round PDP magazines.

I’ve been looking at videos about this new Walther offering. It looks cool. I will follow it as the year goes on & we’ll see how it goes. What’s the price range for the PDP? :thinking:


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I’ve heard $600.


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Ok… The price of H&K VP9sk roughly :+1:t5:


PDP has to stay within PPQ and VP9 price range otherwise it wouldn’t be so interesting pistol to buy as it is now.

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I love Walther. A nice site for PDP compatibility.

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I’ve watched few YT reviews from reliable channels and so far no negative words about PDP.
What I like the best - looks like Walther PDP shoots the same as M&P9 with Apex trigger, so I’m very happy about it and don’t need to think about purchasing PDP :wink:

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