Winter/Summer carry

Having just got my permit last August and only being able to carry on limited occasions I am still very new to concealed carry. What I have noticed, and thought about quite a bit, is how will my PPQ M2 9 sit in my preferred summer wear - t-shirt and shorts. I started carrying into fall and through winter, which is very forgiving for concealment. After reading quite a bit I understand people carry different guns in the same caliber for different clothing options.

After getting my permit we started shopping for a weapon for the wife for when she gets her permit. Due to her small hand size we were looking at sub compacts initially (I know that’s a fallacy but that’s where we started) and I subsequently handled a number of sub 9’s. That process got me thinking about a thinner gun for the summer.

Warm weather will soon be upon us here in Wisconsin which has me looking at the next purchase. After what I handled shopping with the wife I was decided on the PPS. I’m really not trying to be a Walther fanboy but, once again, that thing really felt good in hand. Just like the PPQ only smaller. Yes, I tried the 365, S&W, Springfield, Ruger, etc…, and I ruled out Glocks when I bought the PPQ. They just don’t feel right.

But then the Hellcat came out. Love the capacity but I haven’t handled it yet. Has anyone made a comparison between the PPS & Hellcat? It may be apples and oranges due to the capacity issue but I’m thinking in subs it’s all about concealment. With 8 rounds in the PPS if it conceals better I’m ok with limited capacity. But if the Hellcat conceals just as well, and feels as good in the hand, the extra capacity would be a bonus.


@AJ09, I’m glad you like Walther products :wink: I’m not fanboy as well, but it’s hard to deny Walther’s great shootability.
I’m with you about few small handguns which just don’t feel right. PPS, Hellcat, P365XL are ok… and probably only which I would carry.
I’ve tried to find comparison between PPS and Hellcat, but found none :thinking:
However there is a lot video PPS vs. P365 and P365 vs. Hellcat, somehow you should be able to find own conclusions.

Have you tried to carry PPQ all year around? I do it with my CZ P-01, just switching holsters between IWB and OWB. Whenever I wear summer garment, I use IWB. For fall / winter season, with extra cloth layer OWB holster fits and conceals perfectly. And - good gun belt is a must.

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I’ve decided not to do summer winter carry. I just carry my shield now. May change :man_shrugging:t2:, I like to try new things. It’s exciting to see all of these high capacity subcompact guns coming out. I’m still devoted to my shield for now though!

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I started out with a Springfield XDs 9mm all season carry. I’ve started to branch out to the whole winter/summer carry thing though. I’m the kind of guy that every pistol/rifle I purchase must serve a purpose. So, winter carry is a justification for a pistol bigger than my Walther CCP M2. :v:t5:

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I’m considering a revolver for winter carry. I’m comfortable with my S&W SD9VE. Normally, I wear slip resistant boots in the winter, but in 2016 I wasn’t and had a pretty good tumble for the first time since I was a child. The experience got me to thinking about the possibility of carrying and coming down with such force causing the striker on my gun to possibly malfunction and cause a round to go off. Revolvers do not carry such a concern. I carry full sized in the Summer and never found it bothersome. I often wear jeans shorts or something that you can use a belt with and carry on my hip. I’m currently experimenting with shoulder holsters and light clothing. So far, I like them, but the cheap ones are not quality enough to feel comfortable all the time.

If you are more comfortable with carrying a revolver in winter, you will be better off mentally. I would just make sure that you are practicing reloads and defensive shooting. A revolver does not guarantee safety and you could still have issues after a fall.


I can’t be certain of all striker fired pistols, but most of them, as long as the trigger doesn’t kick back, it’s impossible for the firing pin to hit the chambered round. That’s why Glocks and M&Ps have the built in trigger safety’s. When the gun falls, it’s very unlikely the fire pin will be released, but even if it does, there is a mechanism to block the firing pin from hitting the round if the trigger is not pulled. I am not the best one to explain this, so if I’m wrong or failing to communicate this properly, someone please correct me :sweat_smile:. When I found this out, it made me trust striker fired pistols much more.

That’s one reason I question the Sig P320. This pistol does not have a trigger safety mechanism. This gun did have drop fire issues, but the company fixed this by making the trigger lighter. I’m not sure if the trigger could get pushed back with a fall setting the gun off if someone fell adding weight to the fall. Obviously we don’t want to fall, but I wouldn’t worry about most striker fire guns. But if a revolver makes You feel better, than carry on! Revolvers are cool. I’m not a revolver guy, but I saw a S&W that carry’s 8 rounds in the cylinder.

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Excellent advice, thank you!


I wasn’t aware of that. I read some stories about older guns having striker issues sometimes and while mine is a modern gun, the idea still lingers in back of my mind.

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I’ll echo Jerzy as I often find myself doing! First off, excellent call on the PPQ and have you given it a try with summer type clothing? I used to carry a smaller gun and sometimes in certain situations I still do, but 99% of the time it’s a P320 Compact. Again echoing Jerzy, a good holster and belt are the key. I live in the south so it’s warm here basically 8 months a year and I’m in shorts and a T most of that time. I can ride my P320 in a Blackpoint Tactical IWB without concealment issues. I’ve also trained extensively with AIWB carry and also use it in certain situations when clothing makes concealment more challenging, although I find a 2:30 carry position to be my personal sweet spot for concealment and draw efficiency.

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One positive for pocket carry
Winter—coat or vest pocket
Summer—slacks or shorts pocket,
One handgun, One caliber, One holster Winter/Summer

Same gun all year round here in the frozen north, with the same holster, in the same place. What varies is my clothing.