Favorite Summer Carry Gun?


As the days get warmer (if Mother Nature cooperates), it gets harder to conceal your carry gun. Do you switch to a different gun for the warm summer months?

If you’re looking for some suggestions, here you go:

What’s your favorite summer carry gun?

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I carry the same, year round. I changed my summer wardrobe years ago to accommodate, so winter is extremely easy for me. I would stress that with the changing seasons, it’s a good idea to practice drawing from concealment each time your attire changes.


I have been carrying the M&P Shield in .45 for a while now, been using the Crossbreed Supertuck deluxe, the combination of these two items are fantastic for concealability, so winter or summer, this is the rig that I’m carrying and I’m very comfortable and confident with it. :sunglasses:


I have carried my M&P 45c 365 days a year in either a Flashbang Capone, or 1791 4way, except during deer hunting, for 3 years. I am getting ready to add a Shield .45 to the mix for summertime carry and the occasions when a more compact gun would help due to the way I’m dressed.


Been carrying a Kel-Tec 380 for 11yrs mostly on the belt but also use cargo pockets when wearing shorts. Recently purchased a wheel gun…38 Special Six round Taurus, really liking it.


My trusty P95 PR

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You know some people think that the .22LR is to small. Made me feel why have it
in the first place. I watched a 70 year old women shooting six steel targets, some one
would reset them and she would knock them down again and again. That was at 20 yards
and she was laughing most of the time with one hand. Ruger Mark IV !!! Movies are a joke,
please do not try the movies, but the .22LR is something to always remember.