Carrying in Florida's Summer Heat

The question came up in another thread, “How do you carry in the summer in Florida?”

I have been living in Florida since 2011 and carrying since 2016. I have come up with my ways to carry in the summer heat.

The heat doesn’t bother me, so I wear slacks year-round. My daily carry (Glock 43X) is in an UnderTech UnderCover undershirt - gun under my right arm, spare mag under my left. I have room for another mag under my right arm. I usually wear “fishing” shirts, tucked or untucked. They are blousy enough that my wife can’t see I’m carrying, and she knows where to look. I also have a few “Hawaiian” shirts (they’re dressier) that conceal even better because they are mostly large patterns, as opposed to the solid colors in the fishing shirts. I also ankle carry a Glock 43 when neither a fishing shirt or a Hawaiian shirt is appropriate. I wear 5.11 slacks. They might make me look like I’m carrying, but they’re more comfortable in the heat because they’re baggy. If I lose the weight I’ve sworn to lose over the past five years, I can go back to IWB with the 5.11s.

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Thank you very much, I guess I will have to get use to wearing my shirts out. Up until year ago I was in Va. Could get by with a fishing vest to conceal my weapon, the past year in Fl. it is just to hot. Mike_T

I am very envious of that! I don’t do well in the heat. Summer in WI, I resort to shorts with a tank top and a loose, light cover shirt.

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@Dawn - coming from WI, it surprised me that I took so well to the heat. But, then again, the summers here are just like the summers in WI…just a lot longer.

It’s probably warm there right now - we had snow yesterday :frowning:

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Yup. Highs are about 10 degrees above average for this time of year. Average is mid-70s.

Well having been born in Michigan - about 100 miles this side of Canada. I actually take summer in Florida (about 9 months worth) pretty well. Wake up in the am and it is already 70 degrees. Just trying to conceal carry and not tip anyone off I have - my friend as my wife use to call it.

@Dawn Say what?
The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in Wisconsin.


You were probably just there on the wrong day. Summer was a Wednesday in Wisconsin last year, I think.


Thank you all in Wisconsin for taking one for the team. :rofl:

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I live in Florida and love Hawaiian-style shirts. I’m a small guy, so those shirts allow me to carry OWB at 2-3 o’clock. With t-shirts I switch to IWB appendix.