Conceal Carry for the Summer and the beach

Ok I have to ask and I want everyone’s opinion. I am looking for a fanny pack to conceal carry during the summer when i go to the beach and bike ride and walk. Since we are wearing less clothes…it makes it harder to conceal. So what do you use and also, provide links as well so we all can check them out. Thank you all in advance


I’m in Florida, so I dress for summer weather all year-round.

I don’t use a fanny pack, but I do use UnderTech UnderCover tank tops beneath a fishing shirt to conceal my Glock 43 and 43X. The shirts are loose-fitting enough to adequately conceal my firearm. I know that’s a help for bike riding and walking, but not the beach.


I also don’t use Fanny packs. Sometimes I will pocket carry my Ruger LCP II 380 auto in a sticky pocket holster. I’m not a big fan of off body carry, although I have done it in the past.


Pocket carry! And yes, .380 is enough :slight_smile:


Please – no fanny packs. They look absurd and advertise that your’e carrying something.

A far better solution are one of the “belly band” holsters that go around your waist, and that you can wear under your summer clothing. Yes, it’s not always fun to have the clingy material against your skin, but it keeps everything concealed and out of your way, and you don’t have to worry about looking like some silly tourist.



I agree, but I think you can get away with it if you play the role correctly. If you look like the concerned parent carrying the full first aid kit in that pack, for example. Or go full tourist and carry the camera bag.


:+1: Grey man doesn’t mean literally grey.


A lot of us who live in permanent summer and near the beach (ie Florida) have learned to cope with the concealed carry challenges of “fun in the sun.” Here are a few tidbits to get you headed in the right direction:

  1. Sub-compact pistols, preferably single stack 9mm or 380 ACP to get the weight down as well as the size. Shorts sagging to one side is no bueno, amigos.

  2. Untuck it! When you’re wasting away in Margaritaville lookin’ for your lost shaker of salt and packin’ heat, you need short sleeve button front shirts with patterns on them. Some people actually believe that this is how the Aloha shirt was born. :sunglasses: Everything light enough for comfort prints…period. To minimize printing and increase evaporative cooling in a sub-tropical climate, we go baggy and untucked. Lots of fishing shirts, Aloha shirts, Cubavera shirts, fishing shorts, cargo shorts, board shorts. T-shirts can work okay if you are not going to a cafe, tiki bar, restaurant, grocery store, etc. Otherwise, they have to be 2 sizes too big.

  3. There are holsters made to conceal sub-compact pistols below your navel and above your junk. You have to reach beneath the waistband of your shorts to access the gun. You won’t win any quick draw contests, but the #1 rule of gunfighting is: bring a gun. These holsters are purveyed under various brand names. Some are made overseas. They aren’t as cheap as a jock strap, but they are cheaper than a quality hybrid or leather holster. You can wear almost anything you want to and carry totally inconspicuously with one of these.

  4. J4M Tactical makes an IWB concealment holster for many sizes of pistols using leather and very strong rare earth magnets for both attaching to the waistband without a belt and pistol retention. These are actually pretty safe and effective CC holsters IF you aren’t going to wear a belt. Most board shorts, BB shorts, jogging shorts do not have belt loops.

Here’s a link for all of the above:



I do have a belly band but using it while I ride my mountain bike is really uncomfortable but I will try it again.


Jeff, I might make a concession for riding a bike. When I was really into mountain biking I had something that sort-of looked like a fanny pack, but it distributed the wait a bit more circumferentially (instead of putting everything up front and making me look pregnant).

Another option is some sort of shoulder rig that positions the firearm under the armpit. Mind you, to do this properly you’d probably need and undershirt, then the rig, and then your cover shirt. Could be a lot of cloth to wear in the summer.




Thanks for the tips and I will look for the Aloha Shirts for sure…btw the generic google link made me chuckle LOL


I have to admit, though I don’t envy the challenges of concealing, I’d sometimes like my own weather a little warmer. We had snow yesterday.

Still, I kept warm with a comforting leather patch on my back at 5:00.


Awesome. That was the intent, but there are a lot of thin skins around here. So it is refreshing that you weren’t offended. I also commend you for your bold attempt to get people here to do all your shopping for you. Never hurts to ask! :wink: :+1:


High of 83 this afternoon and sunny skies here.


First…I JEALOUS because it’s 50 and raining here today. Second, it takes alot to get me offended…I am the youngest of 5 and my attitude anymore is WTF ever but it did make me chuckle again with the google link. Now i have to convince the Mrs. about the aloha shirts but I do like that idea the best


I was wearing Hawaiian shirts even before I had a pistol. Not only do they look good, but they also work well for concealment. :slight_smile:


Reyn Spooner!


G43 and a Sticky holster at 4 o’clock. G19 and a belly band, gun at 3 o’clock, riding above the hip, lower rib cage.


Wrangler has an outdoor short line. They are lighter, more flexible materials. Best part, they have belt loops. Match these with a stylish Hawaiian shirt, and you’ll be “grey man” at the beach, or the bike trail. Google wrangler men’s outdoor performance shorts.