Best Concealable Holster?

What is the best concealable holster for the summer months?

During the winter concealing your weapon is relatively easy, but during the summer months it becomes more difficult.

Usually wear cargo shorts, Crossbreed belt than either my Glock 23 in a Crossbreed Super Tuck IWb or a Vedder Pocket Locker if carrying my Sig P365. Just recently got a Vedder Light Tuck IWB which means I can now carry either the Glock or Sig in the same location all the time which is really my preference anyhow.

I personally think Sticky Holster for carrying a G43x in summer gear and a Concealment Xpress kydex IWB for business casual.

There is no “best”, it’s all very individualized and depends greatly on how you dress, the gun you are carrying, how you are built and what you are comfortable with.

I’m an OWB guy and in the summer if I need to conceal I will wear a button up baggy baseball jersey or oversized 3/4 legnth baseball shirt or just a nice caped fishing shirt untucked in a more formal environment.

I pocket cary year round. I have the Aliengear shapeshift pocket holster for my Ruger SR9c and I liked it. But then I bought the Alabamaholster pocket holster for it and it’s much more comfortable and it covers the full slide front to rear. As well as the flange to push the holster off with your thumb is right at the back of the slide by the safety so once you pop it out your thumb naturally rests there. The Aliengear is just past where the breach ends and much harder to get your thumb on it to kick the holster off.

Thank you for your response … I’ve been using Sneaky Pete for my Kimber Ultra Carry II .45acp and I have a pocket holster for my Sig P238 …