Walther PPQ Q4 SF

It’s for sale locally. Getting ready to purchase. Anyone have an opinion or experience owning one? Thanks in advance!


Walther is nice!

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Go get it !


I’m just kidding. If it is locally, go and check how does it feel in your hands.
I love PPQ and cannot say single negative word about it.
Q4 SF has few advantages that I’ve never had chance to test:

  • steel frame, which is definitely better option than polymer one. That was something I was missing in regular PPQ
  • honeycomb pattern on the grip, currently used in PDP models. Additionally the grip’s shape is designed similar way like SIG P226/229 LEGION and that grip is just perfect.

PPQ has one of the best triggers ever made in striker pistol. I can guarantee you will be satisfied with shooting effects. Just check how you like the pistol in your hand.


My PPQ M2 is my favorite gun. I’d like to get a Q4 SF and a polymer Q5 Match, but the budget I have says new truck tires are more urgent. I’ve fired the Q5 match, but not the steel frame Q4. The polymer Q5 was excellent, much like the PPQ M2. If you get the steel frame, please post what you find…how it fires, etc. (I usually advise trying to find a range that rents what I’m interested in buying, but the local range no longer has any to rent).


Unfortunately, only in their “on line” store! I was so eager to get the Walther! Oh well… I “settled” for a Sig Sauer P365. Has decent sights and is easy for concealed carry at about 1/3rd of the cost!

Quite huge change… from PPQ Q4 SF to P365?

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I know… :grimacing:

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So maybe… P229 Legion… or Wilson Combat P320 Carry? :wink:

Yeah, I know it… Sometimes we have to lower the expectations… and use what is perhaps not the best looking… but good enough and reliable :+1:

You mean a G19x don’t you​:wink::rofl:

:thinking: what the hell is that?.. Oh, yeah…G1911? :+1:

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