Walther Q4 and Q5

Has anyone latched on to any one of these? I was surprised to find these all-steel models offered this late in the day - especially the Q5. Don’t hesitate to quote prices - I’m guessing $1,100 - $1,200 MSRP, due to the machining involved.

I’ve got a Q5 Match Steel Frame. It’s freakin’ awesome. I love shooting that gun. Typically runs about $1500.00 or so. A lot better than the polymer version (around $800-$900 or so), but it’s more of a competition gun than anything. The heavier frame and the ported slide is better for recoil management and muzzle rise. I put a Vortex Venom red dot on it and all I can say is DAMN!!! I have not modified the trigger nor do I have plans to, because it feels great and has a good reset on it.

Hi Kurt17,
I purchased the PPQ 4 SF this past August for $1350. The weight and the grip are perfect when shooting targets on a range. However, the weight and size are a bit much for a carry weapon (at least for me). I initially had difficulty finding a holster made for the SF. Crossbreed had both IWB and OWB available. The Q4 SF weight pulls the OWB holster down and away regardless if worn at 3, 4, or 5 o’clock (with a 1.5 inch leather gun belt) and the gun prints even when covered with a medium coat. Of course, these issues are somewhat addressed with the IWB holster (worn at 5 o’clock) but size and weight are a constant reminder I’m carrying. Between OWB and IWB I guess I prefer OWB and will need to accept that I’ll semi-conceal carry. A shoulder holster my be my next purchase.

Honestly, shoulder holsters are one of the worst ways to carry. Think about the extra time it takes to bring your hand across your chest and into a jacket to grab it, then you have to remember to keep your finger off the trigger (common sense, I know) while you’re drawing it all the way back across your body and your flagging your support arm and anyone in your 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock or wherever the target is - maybe 1 or 3? You know how long that’s going to take to do?

If you absolutely insist on this, at least make it a backup or something (another thing I don’t recommend).

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Found a Q5 Match for around $850 and got a red dot sight for it. Shoots very nice, with low recoil. Had to order a free mounting plate for the red dot sight, since they were not included.

You must have bought the one we got for the misses. She loved the way it felt. But, it beat up her middle finger pretty bad. 25 rounds through it and back to the dealer to trade in her used q5 match. Worse than buying a new car.

Concealed carry, but I live in Illinois - we don’t have open carry. I carry OWB - P320, P365, and P226. It’s also easier to conceal all of these in the winter, lol.