Vortex Edge Class

I am on my way back from a Vortex Edge Long Range rifle class in Michigan (yes, Michigan, not Wisconsin). The class was excellent. I got hits out to 600-700 yards (beyond which I could not see the targets with my 16x scope). I learned a lot about dialing in a real 100 yard zero and proper use of my scope. I started with little to no experience with precision rifle.

The instructors graciously accommodated my old man body and limited mobility. The class size is limited to 8 shooters with 4 instructors, so lots of hands on help. Other shooters had more advanced gear than I did, but I still learned a lot.

I recommend it to others looking for something other than an indoor pistol range experience.


Congrats on hitting that far. Great job!!!

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How far were they taking the bigger equipment? What caliber were you using?

I need some instruction past that 3 to 400 yard mark. Sounds like you thought it a good program. Thanks for sharing a bit of your experience. My understanding is limited to using ballistic charts and picking my zero off a table somewhere and trying to hold correctly.

Rifles with higher magnification went out to 1,000 yards. Mostly 308s and 6.5 Creedmores with heavy barrels. I used a 308 in a rifle that is designed to be a hunting rifle with an “everyday/affordable” optic (4x16 Vortex Diamondback MilRad), not a 20+ pound assembly. I have no doubt that my rifle could reach out that far at reliably hit a silhouette sized steel target, but at 16x and my old man body, that did not happen. I was more than pleased with my results.

The 2nd class in the 3 class series deals with how to read wind. The third class deals with a variety of shooting positions and longer range shots.


I like the classes your taking!! Seems very informative and sounds like your learning alot of pertinent and useable information!!!