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Hey Everybody!!

I’m a new member in the Portland Metro area. I’m in the process of becoming a firearms instructor. Just finished my E-Learning so I just need to set up my training appointment with a Training Counselor. If anyone has any advice or things I should consider, I’m all ears! (Or, I guess, eyes, since I will be reading it haha!)

A little bit about me: I was a Search and Rescue Explorer for 7 years and got to attend our Law Enforcement Academy which gave me lots of training on officer survival, investigations techniques, defensive tactics, etc. I later joined our competitive team and competed against other cadet and explorer programs in events like high-risk traffic stop, active threat scenario, suspicious person, domestic violence investigation, and more! It was a great experience, I won a marksmanship competition beating out over 100 other cadets and explorers who had WAY more training than I did, and I learned A LOT!!! I’ve carried that knowledge with me and it’s help me keep myself, friends, and loved ones safe on numerous occasions.

Since then, I’ve graduate college from the UO and have struggled to find meaningful, well paying work despite all my experiences and education. But I’m working and able to feed my shooting habits, so long I’m not blowing through 200 rounds every other weekend haha. I got first gun when I was 18, a Remington 870. I quickly bought myself a used .22 rifle, which was later replaced by a 10/22. Got myself a G19 as soon as I turned 21, followed by my CHL. And, most recently I got my first AR15 for a STEAL at $350 at a pawnshop.

I’m interested in joining a competitive league and am wondering what’s active around here?I’d really like to try 3-Gun and IPSC or IDPA.

Hope to hear and maybe see some of ya’ll at the range, competition, or taking one of my classes :wink:


@Nicholas5 welcome! Very exciting about becoming an instructor! There are a few of us on here, my best advice for you is do the elearning again, reread the book, and freshen up your accuracy in shooting. Sounds like you won’t have any trouble with that last part. Then just get plenty of sleep for a couple days before your course. The USCCA teachers program is excellent as you can already see.

Once you get certified, check out the threads on here for teachers insurance or ping me and I’ll get you some links.

What’s your degree in?

Do it, all 3 :grin: you may find one more to your liking than the others

And welcome to the group, glad you’re here!

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Thank you!

My degree is in Humanities with a focus on Public Policy. I was originally gunning for Planning, Public Policy, and Management but had to change last minute :stuck_out_tongue:.

Do you know where I can find these comps at? I’m guessing Tri-County but I’m under the impression you have to be a member to join their events, but I could be wrong.

@Nicholas5 where are you located? if you’re in MI I’ve got local links for you - if you’re in another area, let me know and I’ll find you a starting point.

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Welcome to the Community, @Nicholas5! If you’re able to feed your shooting habits you’re doing pretty well! And don’t forget about dryfire training - that helps ease some of the expense of range training. :slight_smile:


I’m in Oregon

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@Nicholas5 here are some places to start:

Go check our a training day at you local range - theyll likely have training or practice events as well as actual matches. it’s great fun!

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Well I guess I am a Floridian now, but grew up in West Linn and have lived in Florida now for a few years so not to far removed from the Pacific NW.
I was a member out at Tri-County growing up but I am not sure what their policies are now. It is a great range though. I have some friends still back there who I think shoot 3-Gun so I will try to check with them and get you some more information.
Also, once you get your USCCA cert done, look into our affiliate program!
Welcome to the community!


Hey Nicholas! I was born and raised here. Only left once for any length of time. US Army. I’m glad to see another homie. I’ve been a USCCA member for some time, but today is the first time I’ve been in this community chat. Best, Terry.


@Nicholas5 Have you been able to find a TC yet?

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Someone from Oregon. I’m down in Salem, I avoid Portland as much as possible…