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I’m looking for some help. I am 11 people short of my 20 people for the year, I have until the end of April, but If anyone needs help on classes please let me know, I’m in Michigan (Detroit area) more than willing to help. people are no so eager to take classes these days. So I’m reaching out for some help.


Best of luck Jim. If you were here with me in Florida I would be glad to get you onboard to assist you.

Might want to post this in the Instructor Forum too.

Stay safe out there.


I feel ya.
There are different markets with different abilities to support different numbers of students. I’m in a low population density area and have a difficult time meeting the numbers as well.

All it does is cause undue stress to instructors. If you have happy instructors who don’t appear to be desperate for students you’ll be able to teach and promote USCCA’s products better and with more loyalty.

Last year with the Wuhan (and no ammo anywhere) I did not meet numbers. I petitioned nicely with training support and extended another year. I am very loyal to the USCCA and their mission but having to meet the “quota” does take away from it a bit.


I understand requirements to stay fresh in order to continue a certification just-because.

I used to do a lot of Appleseed instruction with the RWVA. Theirs was similar. I believe the exact expectation at that time was one full Appleseed (full day Saturday, full day Sunday) per quarter or 4 per year. Not meeting that could result in your instructor level moving backwards. It is a perishable skill, like most other skills, after all.

Have you tried calling Instructor Support yet? They may be able to help connect you with some other instructors in your area so that you can meet the requirements.

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I’m not aware of these requirements, are you saying there is a requirement to instruct 20 people a year to maintain your instructor status?

Yes @mike164 and that is per course you teach. So 20 for DSF, CC&HD, etc.


I would also love to help but the commute from Louisiana would be problematic. Good luck, hope it works out for you.

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I have found that the “plandemic” has helped numbers in central MN My issue is doing all the online registration of my classes. There are plenty of willing participants. Good luck with your numbers like it was said, maybe post this on the instructor section.

A couple ways to get the numbers up, teach mini classes, see them on your resources page. Mini classes usually lead to class room students. A person on a mini class roster will count towards your yearly goal. Teach your church, be a speaker at a club meeting trust me anyone who runs clubs are always looking for speakers plus you stay material fresh.
Also get in touch with your TC I help my student instructors get started all the time especially thru all this covid crap. In fact Cindy and I have a brand new instructor sitting in on our CCW class this Saturday. Wish you were closer but unless you want some Florida sunshine it’s a long drive.

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