Vortex customer experience holding true!

So, I know I have heard for years that Vortex has great customer service and a Warranty. Everyone that I have talked to that has used it, said it was the best and easiest experience they have ever had but I hadn’t experienced it myself, so I always remained a little skeptical.

Yesterday, I noticed that the screws holding my Vortex Sparc to the rail of my newly built 300 Blackout had broken off in the clamp. Knowing that Vortex has a good warranty I emailed them about it last night (Sunday) around 5:30 PM explaining the issues and asking them for help with it.

Well, to my surprise I woke up to an email from them around 8:00 AM with a confirmation receipt and a message that my replacement parts were on the way. No questions, no pushback, and no pictures needed.

I have been impressed by some services in the past, but this has to be the best and easiest I have ever had. Has anyone else experienced this from Vortex or other companies?


Best warranty response for me was from Ruger. Had about 3k rounds on my mini-14, and it stopped firing. I thought it was the firing pin, and online I could only find an aftermarket oversized pin, so I contacted Ruger. They said to send them the gun, so I took off the rings and did. In response I got a brand new Mini-14, complete with two mags and a set of rings.
Nice hearing about vortex, I have a 24x FFP on my RPR, recently added their LER on my M1a Scout, and got a 14x44 free with an ammo purchase, which necessitated buying something for it to go on lol…
Previous scope on the M1a was a hi-lux, went 6 years before breaking. They will fix it, but I need to pay shipping and include $20 to ship it back. Recently broke a second Nikon, first one was a customer service crap show, back and forth with them, before using the threat of social media exposure to my advantage. Second one just broke, not pursuing things, replaced scope with an Athlon.


I also have a Vortex Sparc on my M&P 15 Sport II and I have never had a problem with it. I like the way it looks on the rifle and I have had it mounted for over a year. I am glad you mentioned that Vortex has excellent customer service just in case I did have to use them in the future.


This is good to hear. I have a Vortex Spitfire 1x Prism on the way for when my S&W FPC comes in.
I have heard alot of good things about them and it is nice to hear from someone with personal experience.


@Johnnyq60 and @Bill170 I always want to make sure I share the great experiences I have, with others. Most of the time, we tend to give feedback when we are unhappy with service, so I feel it’s equally important to share those great experiences!

@mattm Awesome to hear Ruger did that for you! Did you ever hear from Ruger as to what the cause of the malfunction was?


Kimber seems to be a no questions asked policy. I’ve had to return the “same” firearm twice, once when the slide part of frame split up and slide blew back towards my nose, during training. No injuries except a little embarrassment, no backup handgun at the time.
Then a second time when grip screws stripped frame after a number of cleanings. Both firearms were exchanged shipping and FFL transfer fees waived.
I prefer steel frames, but they don’t seem to be in the budget.


No, one of those unsolved mysteries lol. I figured broken firing pin, everything seemed fine but never took the bolt apart to check. Otoh, the end didn’t fall out, so could have been, I dunno, gas issue? I used to moderate a mini 14/30 forum and we had a guy who warned about putting pads on the op rod to cushion the blow from a hyper gas system, which was something most of us were doing. My new one, I put an adjustable gas block on it, calming it down while not interrupting the cycling distance.
I’ve been wanting a spare bolt for my Mini and M1a, but they’re as rare as submarine screen door. Mossberg MVP, same thing. AR platform, choices galore.


From my experience with vortex, warranty and customer service is hard to beat. I was once told by a rep that you could run your optic over with your car/truck, and if we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it. I haven’t tested that, but my RDS went out while shooting a while back. Emailed when I got home, and 30 minutes later, I had a RO and shipping label. The person that emailed me back assured me that I’d be back on the range asap. Sent it off, and 3 days later I got an email with a tracking number. Two days after that, I was back on the range with the brand new rds.


2 weeks ago my Viper wouldn’t shut off and I couldn’t adjust it Up/Down. I emailed them, same day I received a RMA, they received it in 2 days( pretty impressive since it went from NW NV to rural Madison, WI ).
They contacted me 3 times afterward, 1 to assure me they received it, 2 that they could not fix it, and 3 if I wanted a 3 or 6 MOA replacement and that it shipped immediately.