Hi-Point Carbines

Any comments on them? I read an account where one owner put his through a true torture-test - 9K rounds of 9mm without cleaning. I’ll check out videos on these for a hoot - are these a real UPITA to clean?

I’ve only shot two of them. That said, they were very accurate, and went bang every time. All the folks that I know that have them, have said the same thing. If all I could afford, for a rifle, was a HiPoint carbine, I would buy one.

I have an old 995 (9 mm) with an ‘A’ prefix serial number, that I bought in 1996 I believe. It’s the one that folks call the ‘Planet of the Apes’ gun.
In 9mm, recoil is so mild that it will remind you of a paintball gun, and not a whole lot louder (ear pro recommended, tho). A blast to shoot and a person can easily burn up 200 rounds without realizing it!
As @45IPAC noted, they are accurate, considering the factory sights. I sight mine at 25 yrds.

In all the years that I’ve owned it, I have torn it down exactly Twice. It’s not difficult to do, just not intuitive.
The tolerances are so loose that I bet it would run packed full of mud. I generally clean just the bore every 6 months to a year.
When it begins to get crunchy feeling, I’ll take the water hose nozzle to the action, then flush it with WD-40, blow it out with a compressor, then spray a dry lube in every crack I can find. Set it on muzzle end and let it drain.
It still runs like new.

Hi-Point has to have the absolute best customer service that I have ever experienced.
I broke the front sight upper section several years ago, called them to see if the old style was still available and if I could order one.
The lady’s answer was “No. We don’t sell parts to our customers. If you’ll give me an address, I’ll mail it to you.”
The package arrived with Two, Complete front sights, a few decals and something else I forget now.
Their warranty is forever and follows the firearm, not the original purchaser.

Get yourself one @KURT17. You won’t be disappointed.


THX - got to replace my “using” handgun collection first . Just got a drug plan through Anthem for my insulin costs.

They do seem to be pretty tough. Anyone remember this. :woozy_face:


03/07/2019 11:00 AM | by Chris Eger

Ordinarily, most shooters stop after a squib load. This is not one of those stories. (Photo: Hi-Point)

Ohio-based Hi-Point Firearms this week posted a couple of snapshots of a 995TS carbine crammed with a whopping 35 rounds of 9mm slugs.

“When he called stating he was having accuracy issues he had no idea the rounds had not left the barrel,” said the company on social media. “After receiving his carbine in we discovered the issue, re-barreled his 995TS and sent it back to him. How’s that for customer service?”

The dreaded squib load, where a bullet does not leave the barrel and typically prevents follow-on rounds from exiting, is one of the most dangerous malfunctions a shooter can experience. They often lead to dramatic and unsafe “ka-boom” situations that can result in injury and permanent damage to both life and property.

The post by Hi-Point, a company that catches a lot of shade in the gun community but backs up their products with a famous lifetime warranty, garnered almost 500 comments.

“Dude needs to buy a lotto ticket and probably go to church to say thanks,” said one. “How did he not notice it was 8050 grains or so heavier…” observed another.

And probably the best observation: “Say all you want, but you can’t knock that grouping.”

This post was updated from the original, which stated the barrel was from a .45ACP 4595TS Carbine, after Hi-Point stealth updated their original post from that to a 9mm 995TS Carbine.


I have the 1095, & its a great gun. The recoil system for the but stock really tames the 10mm. Its accurate out to 100 yards, (probably further, but my rifle range only goes that far out). It is a bit on the heavy side, & I wouldn’t want to carry it without a padded sling.

I bought mine second hand, so the first thing I did was take it apart, clean it, & replace the plastic guide rod & recoil spring. It’s not complicated, but does require a more steps to clean. A bore snake after shooting, with a full cleaning a couple times a year should be enough.

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Yes Sir! I remember seeing that!