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Researching on my first CC gun: choices down to Sig Sauer P365, 365SAS, Springfield Hellcat. Waiting to purchase until things open up and I can try them out. Thinking will get some ammo while I can but have to wait on holster, belt etc until I decide on “the One”. Intent is to carry IWB and unsure if I should go with antisnag or regular sights. I have a thin frame so unsure if the issue with antisnag is printing or snagging on the draw. If you practice enough won’t the draw be accurate regardless? Also looking for suggestions on ammo to use at the range. I know that covers a lot of ground but I’m a curious fellow lol. I appreciate any information you can give me.



First let me say that I don’t think any of the choices you mention would be a bad choice if it fits you well and it’s your favorite. Personally I own a 365 and a 365SAS and have handled the hellcat, but I don’t own a hellcat (hint hint regarding my preference).
Between the 365 and the SAS I would highly recommend the 365 and not the SAS, here is why.
No matter how ‘cool’ the mepromor sight seems it is a pain in arse. Most are not aligned well from what I have read and I can attest that mine is absolutely not. Think about this also, the shorter the distance between the front sight and the rear sight the more critical sight alignment becomes to accuracy (its about an inch on the mepromor). I can fairly easily hold about 2" at 7 yards with my 365 and iron sights.
Porting is cool, but you dont need it on a 9mm. I dont think I have ever really noticed much difference in recoil or control ability and I hope I never notice the difference due to hot high pressure discharge angle.
If you slingshot your slide the SAS slide catch is no big deal, but if you want to actually use it you should consider growing your nails first.
When it’s time to field strip how many times have you had to jiggle the slide release to either get the slide off, or get it to go back on? They doing that with a screwdriver or shell casing (hint, tell your kids to close their ears first)

However I can think of a couple of pros.
It looks cool and the idea that it represents seems cool
I got a couple of extra magazines for the 365 that I actually like to shoot and carry often.


Fun video I watched the other day. If you don’t want to watch the video, he prefers the p365, but said the extra round in the hellcat is a good reason to get it. All preference. The p365 sas, from my understanding, just has a sites that don’t snag, but I think most people would say that’s a non issue.

All of these guns just come down to your preference. These guns are crazy! When I was getting my first carry gun a few years ago, all the talk was glock 43, S&W shield, and Springfield XD.


Out of the 3, I’d vote for the P365.

After some hiccups out the gate (to be expected) it is pretty universally considered reliable, accurate, and shoots bigger than it is. Aftermarket support is great.

The Hellcat seems to be a solid choice as well, but personally I’d wait a bit to give it time to see if reliable “in the wild” and wait for aftermarket support to catch up.

Ammo choice? Whatever you can find a that doesnt cost an arm and a leg at this point. Out of your firearm choices, I dont think any of them are known to be “picky” about the ammo they run.


My daily is the 365, I love it. I carry iwb and pocket with it. I shot the sas recently and wasn’t a big fan of the sights, but I could probably get used to it with time. I don’t have any experience with the hellcat.

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Definitely suggest trying all out first. I shot all three at the range thinking I would go for the 365. The Hellcat fit my hand better and I shot it well. The 365 didn’t fit my hand as well although I would probably get used to it. The irons on the 365 were definitely more accurate shooting for me than the 365sas at 10 yards. Quality on all three seems excellent. Still carry my Sheild though. Stores we ere all sold out of Hellcat since the quarentine.


I carry the Hellcat and love it. Dead accurate and very easy to conceal with either magazine. So far it has ate every kind of ammo I have put in it with no problems.


Try the P365 XL too…

As far as drawing, never really had any “snagging issues” with any of my guns. Ammo, pretty much whatever decent brand I can find for a good price. I have not held or shot a SA Hellcat.


Thanks all for the viewpoints! Given me a lot to think about…

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Just my personal experience…

Larger size firearms, as well as hammer fired might pose additional snag issues. I noticed (and adjusted my carry methods) that my subcompact 9mm’s rear part of the slide tends to snag on my jeans pocket while testing pocket carry and when carrying IWB, a sweater or fleece’s pocket and/or pull cord can catch my thumb when attempting to draw. I’ll also mention that I have a leather holster that accepts shorter and longer barrels of the same model… However, with the longer barrel version the barrel and front sight stick out from the holster (not covered by holster) and I notice the front sight snagging on the edge of the leather when drawing… sometimes (so I don’t carry that firearm in that holster anymore). Last, I’ve heard threw the grapevine that someone shot themselves when unholstering a firearm from a shoulder holster because it got caught on his sweater.

That being said, of the three I would chose the P365. However, I don’t like to carry firearms with such a light and short trigger… opposite to many other’s opinion.

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I too, haven’t had an issue with sights snagging, as others have said. The P365 has been my EDC for about 18 months now, and I’ve never had the sights snag on any of the various carry rigs we women employ, depending on style of clothing for the day. I can’t speak for anyone else on ammo, but I like to shoot the same grain weight in practice ammo as my defensive ammo, to maintain a close approximate to the felt recoil; I think consistency can only help me, but again, just me. And definitely practice some with your defensive ammo too. Best…


I carry a P365XL LH IWB for a backup gun (BUG), in a Clinger OWB holster. Zero issues with snags on draw.
That said, I wear an undershirt always to have it between my skin and holsters on my belt. Still, never have any snag issues.
The ONE issue I have with Sig365 and 365xl is cost of additional magazines. I paid $50 for a 15rd to carry as primary mag in it. But, during wear, the mag kept releasing, so now the carry mag is back to original 12rd with the 15rd for spare. No clue why that 15rd mag kept dropping when I’d sit down while carrying it…must’ve had something to do with mag release button against holster, but 12 rd holds fine.

Do you use a hard holster and does it cover the mag release button? I’ve had mag releases with the 365 when using a holster that does not protect the release button (it is pretty big) maybe with the extended mag your firearm was positioned ‘just right’ for the mag release? Maybe not, but it has happened to me before.

It happened in the Kydex shell of a Clinger holster, only with 15rd mag. The holster covers that release thoroughly, which is y I’m still baffled. However, 1 possibilty is that I once attempted, without it working, to swap the release button to other side since it’s a lefty BUG… maybe I danaged that button.

I did buy a replacement grip module but still waiting on button from Sig…probly take longer after the Big Gun Rush of 2020…

Thing that makes me doubt its damage I did is that it only happens with the one mag…inconsistent issue…makes no sense.

Great news is I have adapted, impro…I simply use RH controls with my left hand, and the larger mag as the backup.

God forbid I EVER need the backup. IMO, about the only chance of my drawing it would be due to not being able to go RH at all…which is part of y the BUG is, IMO, necessary

P365 with 12 round mags. Dream come true for me

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I’ve not spoken to anyone yet who doesnt like any P365 or variant.

Unrelated - I nearly bought a S&W Featherweight snubby few hours ago. Shop had 1 for around $400…surprisingly, self-control won that fight. Been wanting a small 38 for a long time for ankle carry…that appeared to fit the bill, plus it was a Smith, SS…bought some Critical Duty 45ACP for my primary carry gun instead…Hornady I think is getting a bit too proud of that stuff :slight_smile:

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Get the one you shoot the best and are the most confident with. :slight_smile:


Have fired both the p365 and the Hellcat. Chose the Hellcat. Fit my hand better, had a crisper trigger, 1 shell larger capacity, cheaper purchase price (on sale price), but one of the biggest reasons are the ability to swap the mag release to accommodate a lefty and the trigger safety negating the need to manually release a righthand safety or carry without safety engaged. Being a lefty severely limits your choices of economical firearms with lefthand mag and safety release. As far as practice ammo I purchase cheapest ammo that is as close as possible to my defensive rounds so you’re experiencing the same recoil response as you would in a real world event YMMV…


Don’t own or have never shot any of the choices you have listed, so I can’t say anything as to their operation. But they are all great choices for carry firearms as far as being reliable weapons from people that I know that do own SIG’s and from what I’ve read about the Hellcat. I would say for the the money side, the Hellcat will probably be a little cheaper option for the good firearm at a reasonable price. Springfield always seems to make a good quality product. As has been said before, you definitely need something that fits and feels comfortable grip-wise in your hand that will be able to control well. For your ammo, I suggest shooting all kinds of different brands to give you options for your budget at any given time. Also, train with the same kind, as in weight (i.e., 115 grain, etc.) of ammo as you will carry for your every day ammo. That way you keep consistency in how your firearm shoots and handles should, God forbid, SHTF.


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I followed guidance suggested and held the SigP365, Springfield Hellcat and Taurus G2C/S. They felt good but small due to my largish hands. I held a Sig P320 Xcompact and it was like “the heavens opened and angels sang”. When I decide to go with a smaller EDC I’ll definitely check out the 365XL.