Hi-Point PCCs

Does anyone have anything approaching a final verdict on these? They appear to be a fantastic value compared to their really pricey competitors, they’re made right here in OH, and offer a ton of accessories - I was rather surprised that the .380 had been added ti their line! You really have to have supreme confidence in your products to offer such a “lifetime” guarantee.


Rember this? :scream:

Sometimes bad news is good news as this customer goes the distance to prove that Hi-Point makes hard-use guns. (Phot


Although I have little use for the 9mm, I heard a “sea-story” that years ago, someone put 9K rounds of this through a Hi-Point, without a hitch, and without cleaning it ONCE - the story was entitled, THE FOREVER GUN.

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One of my brother’s favorite sayings is: quality doesn’t cost it pays. In other words; you get what you pay. I have no experience with these or this company.

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But if something is on sale, did you get less?

Depends, junk is junk even at half price. I know nothing about this company or their products. I think I would rather have an $800 gun for $400 than a $350 for $175.

Not my $$ do as you want.


I bought a HiPoint 9mm carbine 6 or 7 years ago. It’s been a great gun. It’s very ammo picky. Eats winchester 115gr all day. Not so much anything else. It is also reliable with Hornady critical defense 115gr. I keep it clean & have not had to replace anything. Maybe 2000 rounfs have been through it. Paid $250 new.


I always enjoy the folks who state they don’t own & would not buy this or that. Talk is cheap especially when you don’t know any better.


My buddy had an OLD SCHOOL High Point carbine in 9mm.

He literally knew NOTHING about it, it was just standing in the corner of his closet for 15?ish years, never fired.

He gave it to me to see if I could get it, and a little .32cal Derringer cleaned up and back to firing condition.

I’m not a gunsmith mind you, but his knowledge of guns was where the bullets came out…. That’s about it.

Both weapons were slightly rusted, and whatever lube may have been used on them had long ago turned to some kind of gummy wax that seized them up completely!

Once I got them torn down and cleaned up they were both fun to shoot!

The HP got dubbed “the UGLY stick” because, as fugly as the modern ones are… look up the first gen ones!!!

Once I got the feed lips adjusted on the magazine it fed perfectly, ate anything I put in it, went bang every time, and would easily ring steel’s at 100 yards every shot with the factory iron sights!

Hated that gun for being soo much fun to shoot!

Gave both back to him, and a year or two later he sold every single gun he had to a pawn shop for PENNIES!!!

I would’ve given him almost as much as he got for his whole collection just to put that single POS in my collection!

Sorry for the necropost, saw this topic in related threads,… couldn’t help share my story.


They remind me of the rifles from planet of the apes. Charlton Heston version.


yeah fine firearm to. shoot, never had a problem with mine ( 9mm). to be honest it could be a fine inexpensive home defense firearm & made in different calibers & ugly styles