Hi-Point PCCs

Does anyone have anything approaching a final verdict on these? They appear to be a fantastic value compared to their really pricey competitors, they’re made right here in OH, and offer a ton of accessories - I was rather surprised that the .380 had been added ti their line! You really have to have supreme confidence in your products to offer such a “lifetime” guarantee.


Rember this? :scream:

Sometimes bad news is good news as this customer goes the distance to prove that Hi-Point makes hard-use guns. (Phot


Although I have little use for the 9mm, I heard a “sea-story” that years ago, someone put 9K rounds of this through a Hi-Point, without a hitch, and without cleaning it ONCE - the story was entitled, THE FOREVER GUN.

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One of my brother’s favorite sayings is: quality doesn’t cost it pays. In other words; you get what you pay. I have no experience with these or this company.

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But if something is on sale, did you get less?

Depends, junk is junk even at half price. I know nothing about this company or their products. I think I would rather have an $800 gun for $400 than a $350 for $175.

Not my $$ do as you want.


I bought a HiPoint 9mm carbine 6 or 7 years ago. It’s been a great gun. It’s very ammo picky. Eats winchester 115gr all day. Not so much anything else. It is also reliable with Hornady critical defense 115gr. I keep it clean & have not had to replace anything. Maybe 2000 rounfs have been through it. Paid $250 new.


I always enjoy the folks who state they don’t own & would not buy this or that. Talk is cheap especially when you don’t know any better.