Sccy cpx3 .380

I just bought the new SCCY CPX 3 .380 and couldn’t be happier, although I have looked at 9mm compacts for awhile when I saw the SCCY in .380 and having held it I know I made the right choice,
I bought 500 rounds through Sportmans guide for a $100 bucks and can’t wait to run them through it!
Anyone else by one or are considering buying one?

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Well I’m on SCCY’s email distribution list but I thought my wife may like it but I’m going to bring her to hold, shoot, etc. so she can see for herself once her FOID Card arrives. But maybe I may be interested as well as a Summer Gun. Good lord, it’s cold here and I’m thinking about warm weather already. Anyway those were my thoughts. So 500 / $100 is .2 cents each sounds inexpensive to feed

I would suggest buying the finger extension base plates for the extra two ( 2 ) magazines, that’s right the SCCY comes with three ( 3 ) magazines!

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Ok can do, Thank You

Sorry Robert8, the $100 divided by 500 rounds yields 20 cents per round, not 2 cents. I can reload them for about 13 cents per round.

It’s ok, sorry it was early in the morning at that point and was not fully awake yet and didn’t have my glasses on yet. My mistake. I think I need the eye operation to fix my cataract surgery I had in January 2016. Sorry for the error. Anyway a .380 is still inexpensive to shoot.
Thank You