Who carries a SCCY?

After I posted what is your favorite USCCA training video from our YouTube Channel, a video title (Killing the SCCY) caught my eye and I had to watch it.

I hadn’t considered carrying a SCCY before, but I might have to try them out for an inexpensive option.

Do you carry or own a SCCY? What do you think about it?

My sister carries one, I give her grief every time I spot it because it’s so bulky. I love that she carries, but I wish she would carry something more reliable then what her child’s father bought her.

Based on what Kevin did to the gun, it appears to be a decent little gun.

I’m sure if you gave her a nicer one, she’d carry that, @Matthew :wink:

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So that’s how you make mud. huh thanks for sharing your super secret recipe! :crazy_face:

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I’ve handled a few, I kinda like them. I may buy one in the near future.

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I haven’t shot one but I’ve handled them a bunch with special ordering. The company is great to deal with (not on hold forever, they actually answer their phones in a timely matter). Quick timeframes. Of all the times I’ve special ordered a SCCY, I don’t think I’ve ordered the same color combo twice. 18 different color combos. Its neat getting someone involved in firearms simply for the color. Everyone that I talked to after their purchase simply love their pistol. Lightweight, DA, 10 round.


I live the mud test. What a dumb think to do. Might as well to the cement test next. What are you going to do, quickly mix a bucket of mud with the recipe and pour it on your oppinent’s gun then fire? :rofl:

I’ve heard of people doing completely dumb things with their guns, @KillJoy, the mud test doesn’t even scratch the surface! :slight_smile:

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I bought my sister her first gun which was a SCCY I thought it was a great deal at the time he was at a gun show and it seemed like it would work for her it seem to fit her grip and balanced well however I hope I can replace it soon with something much better like my current XDM 2
Don’t get me wrong they are an excellent company with excellent customer service but these guns have an excessively heavy trigger pull which is what they use for a safety and the length of the trigger pull is excessively long

I have been carrying a CPX-2RD since Feb 2020. I bought it after a lot of research.

  • The factory red dot sight was the clincher. My eyesight is not what it used to be and I cannot see the front sight without my reading glasses. I can use the red dot with or without my glasses.
  • I started with double action revolvers in 1975 so the trigger feels just fine to me.
  • I planned to carry AIWB so a totally inert - but readily available - DA pistol suits me.

My wife has one…it was just sent back to them… the slide locks back after every round. Due to what they believe is an off spec slide lock. That being said, their customer service is top notch IMO. Quick replies and straight to the point.

Welcome to the family @James425

I’m a Beretta fan first and being left handed makes that a good choice but after watching several you tube video’s on the SCCY torture tests and research on the SCCY, checked one out at a local shop and love pretty much everything about SCCY. I bought the CPX2 which has no safety and is DAO (Double Action Only) and it’s quite easy to handle and operate left handed. Easy to work the slide and magazine release, love the finger extension on the 10 round magazine so fits my hand perfectly. Shoots accurately even just pointing it, smaller than the Beretta PX4 compact and thinner also so conceals easy. Simple to take down and clean. SCCY is made in USA (Florida) and has a lifetime warranty . . . wonderful firearm in my book.

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Someone brought one by my place a few weeks ago and couldn’t get it to run past bang-jam, bang-jam-jam. I did a quick field strip and wipe down. One thing I noticed in the process was that the barrel and springs seemed very light and the chamber area thin. I even stripped down a M&P and said ‘here compare’ which got daaamn as a reaction just from the weight difference.

Anyway, I put it back together and really hoped that it had just needed to be rubbed right. It felt pretty good in the hand for what it was. But all I could get out of it was bang-bang-jam and bang-jam-bang-bang-bang.

After he left I researched it a little (I had never handled one before) and I found this review. Watch the video in the middle of the review. It pretty well mirrors my only experience with one.

SCCY 9MM Review [2020 + VIDEO]: Read before buying!

There is an old saying bikers use “Chrome won’t get you home”. SCCY pistols have been tested by many and the results have been almost the same, it is a good product.
SCCYs may not be the most accurate, that being said if you are in a situ that demands a gun your aim will not be perfect. Very few people in a high stress position can hit the bullseye at 21 feet. The SCCY as other weapons are to defuse and or nutrealize the threat, hopefully only needed to defuse.


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