Who carries a SCCY?


After I posted what is your favorite USCCA training video from our YouTube Channel, a video title (Killing the SCCY) caught my eye and I had to watch it.

I hadn’t considered carrying a SCCY before, but I might have to try them out for an inexpensive option.

Do you carry or own a SCCY? What do you think about it?


My sister carries one, I give her grief every time I spot it because it’s so bulky. I love that she carries, but I wish she would carry something more reliable then what her child’s father bought her.


Based on what Kevin did to the gun, it appears to be a decent little gun.

I’m sure if you gave her a nicer one, she’d carry that, @Matthew :wink:


So that’s how you make mud. huh thanks for sharing your super secret recipe! :crazy_face:

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I mean, they seem ok. I think it’s a good gun for somebody on a budget to buy. Not everyone can afford a really nice gun, holster, ammo, and a USCCA membership in one go.


I’ve handled a few, I kinda like them. I may buy one in the near future.

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I haven’t shot one but I’ve handled them a bunch with special ordering. The company is great to deal with (not on hold forever, they actually answer their phones in a timely matter). Quick timeframes. Of all the times I’ve special ordered a SCCY, I don’t think I’ve ordered the same color combo twice. 18 different color combos. Its neat getting someone involved in firearms simply for the color. Everyone that I talked to after their purchase simply love their pistol. Lightweight, DA, 10 round.

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I live the mud test. What a dumb think to do. Might as well to the cement test next. What are you going to do, quickly mix a bucket of mud with the recipe and pour it on your oppinent’s gun then fire? :rofl:


I’ve heard of people doing completely dumb things with their guns, @mdstanzel, the mud test doesn’t even scratch the surface! :slight_smile:


I bought my sister her first gun which was a SCCY I thought it was a great deal at the time he was at a gun show and it seemed like it would work for her it seem to fit her grip and balanced well however I hope I can replace it soon with something much better like my current XDM 2
Don’t get me wrong they are an excellent company with excellent customer service but these guns have an excessively heavy trigger pull which is what they use for a safety and the length of the trigger pull is excessively long