Scyy 9mm jamming

We have a Sccy 9mm. It’s jammed a couple of times within the first 200 rounds. Do we need to be concerned about it jamming a lot? What other brands are good?


Handguns below $250 can be picky with ammo. That would be a first thing I checked.
Other / good brands… it depends what you like… the list can be long :slight_smile:

  • SIG
  • H&K
  • S&W M&P 2.0
  • Walther
  • CZ
  • Beretta
  • Springfield
  • IWI
  • few more…
  • Glock
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Hard to diagnose from afar, however I have lots of experience with the Kel-Tec P11, which is what it is copied from. From what I have read, and heard from others, they are good guns.

First, what particular jam are you getting? More than one person?
Try some different ammo. It should run great with ball (FMJ), however some may work better than others. When new, mine preferred hotter rounds.
Another thing to consider is how you are holding it. Where are your thumbs? How stiff are you keeping your wrist. These little guns will have problems cycling if you do not have a good hold on them.


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I’m with the others regards trying different ammo, one brand or different specification in brand might be the sweet spot the gun needs.

The other point I’d consider is what MarkinMT pointed up: does this happen to more than one person? If not it could be a weak grip and the extraction cycle isn’t performing correctly: failure to extract, failure to load to battery. If it is going into battery but not firing consistently then possibly ammo or, in the particular case, an issue with the firing pin.

I don’t know if you referenced the USCCA Vault review on YouTube but it seems the sample used there was a good piece of equipment.

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Good remark. :+1:

@Rusty3, you have to be sure about your proper grip.

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Everyone here with their comments are very correct. I do believe we all face these issues

and I have had my share too. Better quality ammo and the famous grip. Everyone is unique

and everybody learns in time. I use heavier calibers and I have to grip very tightly, especially



What kind of jams are you getting? Very likely (as stated above, ammo or grip problem). I would give the gun a good cleaning and lube it as per the instructions. New guns usually have an oil that is more of a rust preventative than lubricant.

Give the mags a good look as well. Is it jamming with both mags, or just one? If one of the mags got bent up a bit, it could cause problems. It has to be you, the gun, the ammo, or the magazine.

Hope you figure it out soon, it can be very frustrating. I had a .22 pistol that was a jamo-matic. The maker of the gun told me to just shoot CCI Mini Mag (which it shot perfectly). I sold it to a friend who knew about the ammo issue. I wanted a .22 lr, not a .22 lr CCI Mini Mag… Hope yours is a better resolution.

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Kel-Tec P-11, I own one, and it is my only firearm. Cheap and reliable good gun!!!

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I had the same problem with mine no matter the ammo I put through it. Found out it was an issue with the slide. Contact sccy out of Daytona and they should send you a new slide barrel and spring. Fixed mine and now it shoots fine… Other than pulling the trigger which is like driving from Texas to Daytona and back. Those that have shot one will get that… Lol good luck.

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