Red/Green Dot suggestions for my ar


Hi, a few months ago I finished my ar build and, went with a budget scope for it. Since then I have realized that I don’t particularly care for using a scope and, am considering a red/green dot. Since I really don’t know much of anything about them I am looking for suggestions on a budget friendly sight that is good quality.

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I really like my vortex red dots. I have a strikefire 2 on my .556 and a sparc ar on a 300 black out and cant really say anything bad about them. I do wantto bump up to a trijucon for my 556 in the future.


I second that. The vortex strike fire is a budget friendly red dot, and it is really nice.


There are mamy red/green dots out there… most work wonderfully… so dont get to hung up on name brand… pissed off a buddy of mine that was using his 150$ 2x trijicon out shooting him with my 20$ amazon special… there are things to skimp on… and buying a cpuple of red/ green dots to experiment with is one of them… buy a couple different body styles that are cheaper… then go from there…

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That’s a great idea @Tankrachet86. I think I will get an Amazon special and, if I like the style update later.

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I like the sig Romeo 5, I’m going to replace my cheap reflex and acog style knockoffs.

I run co witnessed with Magpul gen2 Mbus and Fab Defense flips and DD iron sights only on another. I like really like the DD, and will most likely replace my other rifles with them.

Ca compliant fixed mag with 10/30 mags


I use an aimpoint pro with magpul buis. There are plenty of budget friendly options. The biggest factor for me was what my realistic uses for the rifle and the battery life on the Aimpoint pushed it over the edge of the others.

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Thad, I’m a big fan of the Vortex line, as a competitive shooter, glass is very important, I use the Spitfire AR on my AR-9, this is my PCC gun, AR platform in 9mm, the spitfire AR is a very quick piece of glass, you can also get it in a 3x power which is cool but not really for competition, you can switch from red to green dot, it uses 1 aaa battery. On my3-Gun and NDM AR I use the Strike Eagle and opted to use the precision Cantilever mount, the Strike Eagle is 1-6 x24 and has a 30mm tube, it’s in MOA and is second focal plane, it’s an illuminated reticle, I also have 2 Viper
HS-T, it’s a 6-24x50 and has the VMR-1 reticle, these are for my bench guns, both are identical, all are Vortex glass. I would love to own a Swarovski, USO, or a Nightforce, but they would exceed $3k for what I need, and Vortex glass is comparable yet extremely reasonably priced for what you get. Hope this helps you bud. Ask a lot of questions.

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My profile pic is with my AR-9 build with the Spitfire-AR

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I’ve been getting some great suggestions and, that is awesome. I very much appreciate it. Last night I was doing some looking around on Amazon for cheapo versions of sights to try out to see what style sight I might like. The reflex style sights cought my eye. They look like they may be an easy transition for me since I have almost no experience with anything other than iron sights.


Thad, they are very nice… when im off of work ill post a pic of the one I want to try oit

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My Sig AR came with a romeo red dot. I just saw the Romeo 3 red dot on a website from China for 60 something bucks. I about fell out of my chair. It shows limited quantities now. I am debating whether I should order it or kick myself later. I asked my friend who is a gun dealer and my supplier about it and he thinks it might be a second but still a great deal.

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DARN IT! after typing that out I realized how crazy that sounded and bought it. Someone needs to either take my credit card, take my laptop, or break my fingers. That website gets me in so much trouble!


I can take care of your fingers if you like.


We really need a laughing face response!


I have seen that brand on my china website for $40 bucks. Again, I really need to stay off that website! I ended up buying a Leupold from there . I don’t have a gun to put it on, but I am sure I will end up with one after hanging out with the guys at the rifle range. They always get me in trouble.


I’ve added it to the wish list. Keep letting me know what you’d like to see here! I’ve got a long wish/dream list :slight_smile:


He probably should have broken my fingers when I first posted that. I bought another sight and more gun cleaning stuff since I posted that. LOL…


Sorry I wasn’t there to stop you. :joy:


Just don’t stop me when I buy a new gun :joy: