Green Dot for my AR likely to be better for me?

I didn’t want to fracture the other AR thread running here because it seemed to be more about brands and such. That thread is linked here for reference:

I am adding a dot to an AR. Background - I have astigmatism (not too strong but there) and I am not looking for glass to use at the range. During the day I am wide awake and can use polarized glasses to make the use of a red dot easy and great. What I am looking for is being sound asleep and being put into “full on condition RED”. No question about it, its happening. No time for glasses, etc… its NOW time.

I have been investigating a GREEN dot that I think I want to buy. High reviews, military grade Aluminum, etc… show great promise. Holosun HE515GM-GR Elite has some remarkable features with the dual reticle presentations.

Are there others here that are using a GREEN dot on their HD AR? Specifically any astigmatism folks here that have green dots on a long gun? I have done tons of medical reading about why green is supposed to be much easier than red for astigmatism. That reading makes complete sense to me. Any thoughts you guys have would be appreiated.


Mine can be switched green or red. I prefer red.


Do you have astigmatism though?

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Green for day Red for night. Mine switch red to green also and green is better for day for me, although either will work.

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Here is some information for you. I know soldiers that have astigmatism and the color red was/is not the problem. It was the light as this article mentions.


@Patrick47 I literally just read that blog on AT3 Tactical’s website today. They cover a lot of good topics:

Edit: They have open box RD50 red dots in the clearance section right now. I figure it is like going to Home Depot or Lowes in January, lots of returns from Christmas.


Yep. I’m on their site often, at least 3 times a week.

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Yeah I have a red/Green as well. I like using the red when I’m indoor and green outdoor

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Red vs. Green has been around since night vision became a thing in the late 60’s with the Star Light Scopes or AN-PVS2 if you prefer.

The science of it is that red is closer to the “ifra red” or invisible light spectrum and green is closer to the white light spectrum. It has to do with how the light is perceived by the eye and then the brain. Red is absorbed more readily by the rods of the eye which allow you to see in low light situations and generally from the periphery. Cones on the other hand are concentrated in the center of the eye (fovea centralis) and handle all the colors of white light which are shorter (more intense) wave lengths.

In a practical sense, Green will “burn out” the center of your vision and leave you with “sun spots” in the dark where as red will allow you to adapt back to seeing the ambient low light around you much quicker. In bright conditions the green light can be less intense and be seen where as the red light will have to be more intense.

IMHO if I could only choose one color it would be red. That said if given the choice I would take both and practice so that I would not turn on the green at night.

An interesting vision science experiment you can play with is called the Perkinji (sp) Effect which in a very abbreviated context means that if you are in a completely blacked out room and there is a very faint light and you look right at it, it will disappear. If you look off to the side a few degrees you will see it. Basically the cones in the center of your vision are not working at night and form a blank spot in your vision.




Thanks to all who posted here. I am checking around my local gun ranges to see if anyone has a “friend” that would meet me at the range so I could look through their “dots”. I have lots of contacts with RMR’s. Also, even though it would mean a 45 minute drive, there a two major FFL dealers with ranges that might have something I could look through.

The Holosun with the dual reticle is neat. For CQB the large > 60 MOA circle of death is much like an Eotech, while switching back to 2 MOA outside is very simple. The circle of death allows for immediate target acquisition for home defense needs. Think I am going to go with one, just down to color selection.

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I have the Vortex Strikeforce II and i love it on my St Victor.

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