Sig Red Dots (Romeo 7)

So I was thinking about getting an Aimpoint PRO but the price tag keeps making me shy away. Then I was looking at Vortex optics but I see short battery life and mixed reviews.

Then I looked at the Sig Romeo 7. Half the price tag of an Aimpoint and 62500 hours (not a typo, this is what they’re advertising) on an AA battery. I have a Romeo 4 and the battery life is nowhere near 62500 hours, but the romeo 4 seems pretty good anyways.

Does anyone have any experience with the Romeo 7?

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Sorry Spence, other than mounting it on a Colt Target .22 pistol to keep it somewhere I’d find it (when I figure out what I’m going to do with it) I haven’t tuned it up yet. Heck I’ve still got two Romeo 1s that need to be co witnessed to the 9mm slides I’ve got. Good journey!

(I should say parallel witnessed to the center bore of barrel. I want that extra chance of accuracy if I can find the distance of peak performance…)

I added Romeo 7 to the title, @Spence, maybe that will attract more Romeo users to the thread?

Thanks @Dawn

I’ve been looking into more reviews, the Romeo 7 is on the heavy side. Since I’m looking for my AR pistol i want to keep it light. I will probably look at the romeo 7 later on for a different firearm.

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