Virginia may be ground zero!

Northam just released the new VA government official clothing line…

A link to sign the recall of this treasonous nut-job. Pass it along…


My concern isn’t that it would be effective… it’s that it would cost some people their lives or their freedom.

It’s not a state-wide action, conducted all at once that concerns me… I dont think that can be done. It’s single or a couple dozen coordinated confiscation raids done at 4am. It’s not a pitched battle or even bundy ranch… because what property line would people congregate on to defend? It’s any person’s home anywhere on any given night.

That means individuals will be waking out of their sleep to no-knock raids and will have to make individual decisions about if they resist. Someone, maybe officers, maybe civilians, will get shot… that’s already been done.

Where other forces come in, I think (at least until a state of emergency is declared), is in addressing protests or demonstrations. That’s a highly volatile situation and that is where I think there is risk of those forces following bad orders, panicking, or being used as an example and prosecuted for dereliction of duty.


If I’m not mistaken and, I will do research afterward, but don’t the National Guard use a town in Virginia to practice “Invasion on U.S. soil” but the reason it’s been made national is a Sheriff deputy who had NO knowledge of this drill shot and killed a national guardsman.

I’m just not sure where this is held now…
There was one this year but they published it.


@Zee You make good points and I share your concerns. It won’t take many raids to spark a maelstrom. I’m hearing that thousands of civic minded citizens from around the country are going to be visiting the Civil War Battlefields here in Virginia soon to reconnect with their heritage. I walk the Fredericksburg Battlefield for exercise and reflection. If someone has a dry eye after reading the battle history of Marye’s Heights then there isn’t much humanity left.

2A Rally’s will be a real concern. How many paid Antifa type thugs can be bussed into our area over the next month? Critters…I mean Globalists like Bloomberg and Soros have deep pockets. All it takes is a black-hooded kid getting shot at a Rally to inflame the MSM. Maybe the Supreme Court will then consider reviewing Worman v. Healey before violence is widespread. A positive ruling would slow everyones’ roll.


Thank you Dawn.


Very true. If enforced, the Guard will come outside of its home state and you’ll have state guard crisscrossing America to enforce gun laws, IF other states duplicate what is happening in Virginia.

You could start the process (mass collection) by shutting off utilities to certain sections of the state, water, etc. Realize this affects citizens who do not possess a firearm but shutting down communications and the above would be quite an easy start for them. Now, i realize that i’m reaching here but i’m thinking as a Govt employee, ex-military, ex-contractor. While the insanity begins, the lawyers to both sides along with county and state officials would be hunkered down realizing that the world is about to end for them and possibly their families. This could go South (no pun intended) in so many ways.


And so then does then the NG of that State muster itself to defend against another State’s invading Army?


Guardsman and or military are only required to follow the lawful orders of those appointed over them. They have a duty to disregard unlawful orders. The oath is to the constitution NOT the appointee. You also swear to defend it against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. The politicians do not have a clue how seriously this oath is taken. I believe they take this oath as a symbolic step into office. Where military and law enforcement (boots on the ground people) take this oath as a way of life. It’s not a punch line or just some cool saying.

Pass an amendment saying any politician voting yes to forceful confiscation must stack up and be the first thru doorways. At the very least it’ll show there true resolve when it’s their blood on the line.


The Governor of VA has no authority to bring in the National Guard from any state other than Virginia. The Kentucky National Guard does not have any allegiance to the Governor of Virginia and no governor can natitonalize the NG, only the President.

And I think the VA NG will have a real problem going house to house to take guns from their fellow citizens. And how may in the NG are going to have people coming to their doors?


A couple of years ago Missouri passed a law that said pretty much that - the state had the obligation to defend its citizens against all individuals or agencies (including the federal government) that tried to infringe it’s citizen’s 2A rights. The law passed handily in the vote but was struck down by the court IIRC.

So while I don’t know what any individual state might choose to do, I think your idea is not off the table. Since the authorities in VA are on the side of disarmament, I doubt they’d do it, but other states like Missouri might have a different take on what needs to happen next.


100% agree with all of that.
And that said, decisions are not made en-masse at the time of the oath, they are made by individual people in the moment of action, when a person might be weighing their personal consequences (loss of life or freedom) against the order being given.

Individuals in groups follow the group or the order often enough - even when in retrospect it is clearly wrong - that we know it can and does happen. Its part of human nature and I have no reason to believe that it won’t happen again.

To be clear, I’m not worried so much about a mass invasion of military to do confiscations, or about state-wide sweeps, or about quarantining a neighborhood and doing a house-to-house confiscation. What I worry about is single raids, or small groups of coordinated raids, or demonstrations and protests where individuals are wounded, die, or are stripped of their rights and freedom. What I worry about is a slow roll where individuals are made into dramatic examples, either through force or prosecution, and the effect that has on others’ decisions.

I’m not worried that they’ll throw us in the fire - but that they’ll boil us slowly and it will work. I mean, its been working so far.


It absolutely is working and they’ve realized we given the easy stuff. Now they are trying to bite off more than they can chew.

Unfortunately blood will be shed. I wish and pray that it won’t but the reality is that one side is basically begging the other to stop and they won’t. People are beginning to feel cornered and that is a very unpredictable situation.

People are also about to have their resolve tested on both sides. And when that happens just look at history. Many of wars/conflicts started because talking failed.


Well that may happen but at least patriotic Virginia’s wont be fighting their own kids.


Zee makes several great points as always. When those example raids occur I see counter attacks being carried out by Patriots in the State. In the end the left will back down. They are not brave enough to face any armed resistance.


I would ask everyone to stop for a minute and consider what would be happening if the Virginia outcome had been a national outcome. Just imagine where we would be if Democrats controlled the Senate, House, and executive branch? Don’t rationalize and say that will never happen. It could be just 11 months away. Now is the time to work in your county and State to insure that does not happen. Virginia can, and I believe, will be corrected in time. If it occurs on a National level I’m not so sure. We must recognize who the enemy is and stop them before they gain total control.


I hope we don’t have to see any of it :confused:
that would be a very bad day indeed.

I grew up in the age of “mutually assured destruction” complete with getting under our desks to protect from nuclear attack and walking-the-class-home-from-school-holding-on-to-a-rope drills. I just hope what we’re seeing now as the contest (as declared by the VA gov) of “us” and “them” turns out to be brinksmanship, and not a committed contest.


Shameful… Unconstitutional… Immoral…
This is the beginning of the end. The anti-2A crowd is willing to call in the National Guard against citizens? The hearts of those Virginian democrats are desperately wicked & none of our facts, logic, or the 2nd Amendment itself will change that. Bloomberg’s an aspiring dictator with deep pockets & a god complex. Inevitable this was (Yoda voice) !


I agree that it is wrong but not the end. Whatever happens I believe that there are more people who love freedom, even with its few faults, than there are tyrants. We’ll win, but we must resolve to have the same spirit that our founders had.


And now a word from the Liberty Doll on VA’s assault firearm ban …


New Orleans still happened. Disarmed American citizens by force.