Vehicle Burglary; Sister's Firearm Taken

Well, yesterday my vehicle was broken into.

I keep NOTHING of value in my vehicle but my sister left a rifle that was a gift from collection her in the car when dropped her off at home and she forgot it after range thus her fault. I take responsibility as well due to the fact I did not see her grab it on Saturday, My insurance IS paying full value but NOW a CRIMINAL has an AR-15.




That’s a tough lesson. Appreciate you sharing. A good reminder for us all to check and double check our vehicles.


How many times has your car gotten broken into before this time?


Two with an attempt car jacking.

I do take responsibility and even got my guns out but NEVER thought she forgot hers.
Mine was in bag in back seat hers in trunk space.


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So all together three.

Sorry man, that sucks. You ever consider moving?


I just moved in August,

Thats what, I told the officer too. but reminded me that crime is every where.

Shreveport, Louisiana made the list for FBI 8th most dangerous city, IF I leave…There will be one less good guy here. However, YES. I’ve thought about it more times than one could possibly imagine.

This happened to a friend of mine a few years back. It seems like every year, a group of young folks go around attempting to break-in cars. They seem to be moving methodically from neighborhood to neighborhood. My friend left his Shield 9mm in his truck. Why he leaves it in the truck & why he doesn’t lock his doors is beyond me. So, his pistol & 2 magazines were removed one night from his truck. Like you said @Randall318, now a criminal (or group) has a firearm that can be used to perpetrate violent crimes.
I don’t leave anything in my car & I always lock my doors. The same group of folk that stole my friend’s pistol attempted to get in my wife’s car shortly after but the car alarm scared them off. I don’t trust folk like that & these nice houses & cars don’t mean we’re immune from criminal activity. :v:t5:


I have an hour drive to/from work every day - so I’m in my car a lot and leave things in my car. Yes, there have been times I’ve left my firearm out of sight in my car. Even though my car is in a private garage overnight I still lock it. My daughter and boyfriend think I’m paranoid. Then I start telling them all of the things I’ve heard over social media… They don’t think I’m too paranoid anymore :woman_shrugging:


I may be paranoid but it doesn’t mean they aren’t really out to get me :slight_smile:


Thank’s @Jane2 @Dawn @P365 @Brian1 @DLVick38 @ScottH

Each input relieved some of my guilt. Even though ultimately it was a gift.&& @Dawn I’m right there with you. Actually when was 19 or 20 left my dads gun in glove box and was taken. It was special obviously but even more so for the fact he put it down on table walking out the door the last time. As young as was do remember that.

@P365Yeah they call it car hopping according to Constable Hatfield here in Caddo. They pull handles and if it’s locked they usually move to the next house.

You would think I would have locked my door but, I honestly thought it was clear other than some change in console they could have. It’s all good Progressive has it taken care of (The person will slip up with it & get caught).

They will get what’s coming to them, one way or another. ‘What goes around always comes back’ is an old saying because it seems to be a universal law.

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Indeed, sir! Facts!

Where I lived as a kid, no one locked cars, even homes most of the time. Crime was virtually unheard of back then. Where I live currently, that is mostly still true, there is very little reported crime, and it is most likely to be a “domestic dispute” than a robbery or violent crime.

With modern vehicles it is difficult to leave a vehicle unlocked as they lock themselves. But in years past, I or my wife would on a rare occasion forget to lock our vehicles or even our home. I am more cognizant now then when I was younger.

I occasionally read the police reports that get published in our local paper. It is surprising how many leave their vehicles unlocked with all sorts of valuables in them, including firearms. I have a safe in my car, but I would never conceive of leaving a firearm in it overnight. I have only used the safe about two or three times since I got it many years and a couple of cars ago. I try not to go where I cannot carry when I am carrying. I can’t carry on a daily basis due to employment rules.

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I want to believe that the USCCA readers of these posts take their gun ownership responsibilities seriously with deep care.
We’re all human and sometimes make mistakes. I’ve inadvertently left my gun in my vehicle as well and had to go back to retrieve it. Fortunately, the vehicle was locked, the gun was not visible, and no one broke into the truck and stole it.
I appreciate you taking responsibility for the loss, but you’re being too hard on yourself. Just because we forget something now and then does not give some punk license to break in, or even open a door, and steal it!
My guess is that if somebody in front of you dropped his or her wallet, you wouldn’t steal it, you would stop them and return it to them.

You are fortunate that your insurance company covered the loss. Many.automobile policies do not cover theft of items from a vehicle even if it is locked. And having a $1,000 deductible doesn’t help much in that situation, either. Policy choices are always a gamble!

I do hope that, for your peace of mind, the gun is retrieved.


Thank you, sir!

Perhaps it was being hard on myself but your right, I took it very seriously and to be frank unless my sister had said something…Would have never known.

Lastly, its funny you used that metaphor because that has actually happened and the guy was very thankful. Matter of fact, recently when I went to ATM the person before I left their card in the machine and brought inside the bank. It’s just the type of guy I am.

Not for the fact of all the value being stolen in life, but more would believe on a personal level it’s the Christ in me…But hey that’s just me. Thanks, @Joseph24, it truly means a lot!

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That reminds me of an incident a couple of months ago at a gun show, I saw cash on the floor in front of a dealer table, just as I was about to pick it up, another person grabbed it. The dealer, that person and I had a discussion about what to do with it. It was, if I recall correctly over $400. I assumed whoever was carrying it would have become quite distraught over losing that much money. Thankfully, the person that grabbed it, did as I asked and turned it into the office. A few minutes later an announcement was made that money was found and to come to the office. I hope whoever lost the money was able to recover it.