Uvalde part 2?

Watching TV and the daily car chase from LA comes on. At first it was fun watching the thug weave through traffic then smash into a pickup truck from behind bringing the chase to an end. Now starts the part that pisses me off. There were 22 cops standing there blocking traffic and the thug standing beside the car yelling insults at the cops. The thug supposedly had a shotgun. The cops shot the thug at least 3 times with bean bags causing the guy to lean on the car in pain. What did the cops do? They stood there, watched the thug recover with a canine there.

Why didn’t the cops line up five or six in a row, 2 or 3 lines and charge this guy ? Before some of our more liberal friends chime in with: would you lead the way? Hell yes I would! At the same time, release the hounds on this MF’er and end the situation. But NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO…….they had to stand there with traffic stopped in both directions and 29 cops watching the festivities. Why didn’t they bring a f’ing Farris wheel with them and charge for rides!