LA DUI, and lets stand around for hours

Sitting with mom watching the LA police handle a DUI driver that evaded them for30 min, finally get him cornered and now they twiddle their thumbs. My god I’m just glad this isn’t happening at a school. They’re, 20 cops or so, shooting peeper balls into the cab, tossing in CS gas which he tosses back out. DUI driver puts his truck into reverse and spins the tires with smoke blinding all. If this was a school it would be another Uvalde. Then the TV bobble heads say: would you rush in and grab this guy and pull him out? Yes I would with a solid plan in place.

There’s a 5’ or so wall 2 or 3 guys could hide behind on the left 10’ or less away on drivers side, take a squad of guys up the right side looking all big and bad. Get the driver’s attention, run up from behind the wall and snatch his arse out! I had to stop watching it. Or the driver would put torso out the window to get fresh air. When he does it again, thump him in the chest 3 or 4 times with pepper balls. This kind of stupid should hurt very much.


Caught the tail end of a LA chase today. Black girl with a security emblazoned shirt steals a Sheriffs SUV while the Sheriff was at a car he had pulled over. Not sure how long the chase was, but I tuned in as the LAPD was chasing this girl around a parking lot. One cop behind, another approaching pulls up next to her. Everyone stopped, then girl goes again. Cop behind does a half fast pit. Eventually she gets blocked in, cop in front, nose to nose, gets out of his SUV, which is in reverse with the door closed, so now Opie is chasing his vehicle. Girl could have taken off now, but was probably laughing too hard to drive…I wtf’d loud enough for Janice to hear, and went upstairs where she thought this was a replay of the 3 hour LA chase from 2 weeks ago, lol. No, another day, another slow motion comical chase. Keystone cops.
Came back downstairs, 15 cops, cruisers, SUV 's, enough guns drawn to make Newsom cackle… mission accomplished.