Blue Lives Matter: Traffic Stop Gone Sideways

Viewer discretion is advised: This is what police have to deal with traffic stop to traffic stop.

SADLY, the gentleman was only going to receive a summons and now he is no longer with us…


This is why I support dashcams and bodycams. Yes, they protect citizens, but they also protect officers. They’re not cheap, but it’s worth it for everyone involved.


I’m with you brother @Ouade5!

At this moment, I’m just baffled why the gentleman did not take the summons and go home. I’ve seen a similar one where the trucker was going to get a summons for criminal mischief and ends up stabbing the police officer in the neck with a screw driver and thankfully the officer was able to draw and fire but MAN the guy could have just went home!


Who was the driver of the SUV caught in the unfortunate and ill timed crossfire from the cop shooting through his windshield? Another cop? Neighbor? Geez, hard to tell.

Aside from that, cops deal with the worst of society much of the time. It’s no wonder they get grumpy and forceful sometimes. It’s a special breed of human that can be a good cop. Glad to have them; really really glad I don’t have to be one. Respect.


Yes, LEOs and judges constantly have to deal with the worst of society. After awhile, it can really affect them. They start seeing everyone through that lens if they don’t have someone to pull them up.


Do not forget the lowly Corrections Officer. Once the LEO is done pissing them off we have to deal with them. No guns or armed guards. A TASER and or Pepper Spray if your lucky. And always your hands and your brain. Most people don’t realize that if someone is brought in for a local murder he or she will stay local until sentencing. It may be 2 to 8 months before the trial is done.
In my little jail in Iron Co. MI. we had 4 people convicted and sentenced to Life W/O Parole.
Do not forget the lowly Corrections Officer. :+1:


Let’s include prosecutors, too. Constant day in and day out dealing with the worst among us and accusing them of crimes. Personal theory: that’s why some long serving prosecutors seem like jerks. Maybe that’s why the ancient Hebrews called them “śaṭan.” :grin:


Yes, it’s a large interconnected group that strives to keep us safe. We all try to work together, most of the times it works. :+1:


Total professionalism, true in the vast majority of interactions. I saw a motorist treated with respect. I didn’t see an immediate high-speed chase. Such a shame this guy lost focus and chose to end his life … over a ticket.


Exactly! Even though he seemed fidgety they still gave him benefit of doubt and treated him well.

Too bad he took his own life in a sense.


What exactly is a “Blue life”? Someone from the Blue Man group? Last I checked, there wasn’t a blue person?

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Really? That’s your first post?


Hmmm, yeah, you might want to delete and start over. As many have found, sarcastic humor is often not received well in text form.


Absolutely it’s my first post. And the question remains.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’m gonna let it stand. It wasn’t a sarcastic humorous post. It was a legit question. There is no such thing as a blue life. Unless we’re talking Smurfs. There are those who choose to be cops, but that’s a job, not a life.

No disrespect taken @JayK. Glad you are here with us!
What made you start carrying?

& I would answer the posed question but you are smart enough to know who/what I’m discussing.

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Thanks for the welcome.

Contrary to the other gentleman’s opinion, I’m not trying to cause problems, I am bothered by that naming scheme.

What made me start carrying? The world has IMHO, become very unstable over the past 20 years and I see life as there are victims and the prepared. Those who aren’t prepared are the victims.

I hate the blue life stuff because it’s not a life. It’s a career choice. They can take off their uniform so it’s not their life. It’s a career choice and the term is false as being a cop is a perfectly safe career choice.


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You will always be respected here, sir! Don’t want you to already feel undervalued or pushed asunder.

We here at USCCA Community as well as the company itself have a motto, come as you are.[I don’t speak for them but just happen to know and love the adversity ]

I do value your opinion and see what you are saying.
One minority of certain individuals we’re born or as I’ll say, a masterpiece by God. Therefore no choice was given.

Law enforcement is not born with a badge :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: rather makes the decision.

I value that, sir. Thanks for sharing.

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@Randall318 Where is that written or inferred? When people come as here as a bull in a China shop and spew their narrative to stir up emotions they open themselves up to public ridicule. Instead of introducing themselves first they just want to stir up the pot with hit and run posts.

No, you do not, so stop trying to be our moral compass. I for one do not pander to trolls who are simply here to proclaim their own agenda.


@TexasEskimo, There are many things I don’t like but it’s called, tolerance friend. I never intended to be anybodies moral guide or speak for any.

I can’t help but be this way. Yesterday, I read this phycological profile that fits me. This quote on quote, is not good because being overwhelmingly kind is not liked.

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