Kenosha shooting

So who’s watched the video?..I think it was excessive force…what do some of you Leo’s think?


Not gonna go well for the cops unless they have body cam video of him picking up a gun when he opens the car door. From the limited cell phone video from across the street it looks like the cop panicked and got scared ending in a shooting. Will wait to see more, but right now I don’t have high hopes for the officer.

Edit for clarification: I am not saying the officers were wrong but public opinion will take the cell video and run. The governor has already stated he ‘will take more action’ in regards to this. I have a feeling they will get railroaded.


Atleast jts close enough the chicago looters don’t have to drive too far to get new stuff when the riots and looting start… im making any judgements untlll body cam footage comes out… probably alot more was going on before this happened…


Why not just do what the cops say instead of walk away from them and approach and try to enter a space that could contain anything? The cops can’t be expected to know what is in the car, can they? It seems like they had someone who wouldn’t do as they were being told.

This seems like the biggest part of most of these scenarios that we’re seeing daily. If people would do as the cops said, these situations would end quite differently.


Withholding any comment on this till more information comes out. Everyone is in such a rush to judge. Even take a look at the George Floyd case and what has come out with the body cam. Sure, we can debate the real causes of the riots and civil unrest, BUT the point is, even something that seemed clear cut isnt, and if the officers involved get off, the rush to judgement and the frustration and outrage it has created will cause even more unrest and rioting if the judgement does not meet the demands of the mob.

So dont rush to judgement, let the process play out.


The one officer had his sidearm out as the perp was walking to his car. They are trained not to let anyone re-enter their car at that point. The perp was ignoring their commands. I agree with the earlier statements that the body cams may reveal much.

What would make this guy so determined to get back in that car? Has the climate of hatred for the police emboldened perps to ignore lawfull orders of law enforcement? Of course it has.

Play stupid, silly games, win stupid, silly prizes.


Yes I did watch the video and I saw a man walking quickly towards the drivers seat of his car Tugging at his white tank top shirt. I saw another clip of the video where the mans fiancée claimed her kids were in the car. Assuming they were in the back seat or unless the kid was in the drivers seat why did he head towards the front seat, and tug on the back and front of his shirt??? I’m just saying. Why were the cops called??? Yes I am a former LEO and I’m taking all things into consideration. I am sure there’s other video that will surface that’s not out yet. Does the man deserve getting shot 7 times, I was not there to see it all. I can only go by what I see in that video. The officers had there weapons drawn, common practice when you live in fear and respond to domestic incidents when you don’t know what you are walking into. I can not judge. To soon and more details will surface so can only go by what I see. What if the man had a weapon under the front seat of his car. You never know and can’t assume.


What’s the suspects history? Is he a violent offender with warrants and a threat to society? Is he an escapee? Or was he a prayer worker just trying to get to his bible?

Not even all of the video and a crystal ball showing the incident will give all of the facts. Time will tell, hopefully.


Who cares, let the looting begin! The governor is a disgrace. I checked Wikipedia on him, no surprises, the whole packaged deal.


I am not LE. Just a citizen. All this over a 12 sec video and the Gov has already thrown them under the bus. Yes there are bad cops out there but if you just comply with their orders you get to walk away or at worse go to jail. You can fight the charges from jail a whole lot better from jail than the morgue. Just my 2 cents.


Yes, that is part of the problem. The left has convinced a segment of our society that the law doesn’t apply to them and they have special privileges to loot and burn. This is fantasy meeting reality and our LEOs are caught in the middle. :angry:


Media said he was trying to get in his car to leave… b.s. he was reaching for something under the seat after being told not to… i don’t care who you are you are probably going to get shot… the escalation of this event before film started must have been pretty high… weapons are drawn .do as your told… if it were me I would expect to get shot or something, failure to obey command on a domestic dispute call and guns drawn… just do as you are told and everyone walks away…


@Brian139 i agree with your assessment of society but that was highly questionable shooting i my opinion

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He’s a thug who’ll be canonized soon.

Same as St. Georgie Floyd.


So, a person ignores police commands and ignores that a police officer has a gun pointed at him and is ordering him to stop and gets shot? I guess the honest truth is, dumb is as dumb does…how hard is it to follow the commands of an officer who has a gun pointed at you? Once he get’s into that vehicle, he’s considered armed and dangerous since he could use the vehicle to kill someone. Seriously…consider for one second what would have happened had that person followed instructions? He’d be alive, and could seek a lawsuit if he felt his rights were broken by officers. Instead, the community continues to brazenly teach an entire generation to ignore police and this happens.


Every police shooting incident is equally questionable, there is a dedicated LE Department that investigates it, and special protocol to investigate it. The protocol does not include rioting, nor the Governor nor the President speaking out of their wisdom that “police acted stupidly…”


From what I’ve read up on Jacob Blake has a history of going to jail. He is a convicted sex offender and had an active warrant out for his arrest. He’s been arrested for numerous things ranging from domestic abuse, trespassing, and 3rd degree sexual assault.

He had been arrested in 2015 for drunkenly brandishing a firearm at another patron in a bar. When police arrived he resisted and was eventually injured by a police dog.

Not saying that his past crimes earned him getting shot. However, his actions directly before lead to him getting shot.

I’m not LEO just a guy with an opinion who watched a 17 second video. The cops were responding to an incident of 2 females fighting and Jacob was trying to break it up. I can only assume that they ran his name as he was directly involved and saw he has a warrant.

If you’re being ordered by cops who are pointing guns at you to do something, then you do it. You don’t walk around your car and reach into it blindly as a cop is physically pulling you and pointing a gun at you. It would only takes a second for Jacob to reach for a gun and turn around to shoot the cop. We know he is violent, we know he has been seen with a firearm, and we know he probably doesn’t want to go back to jail.


@Randyb, not sure why you are singling out a comment to hold judgement on this Kenosha shooting, but I stand by my statement. Take a look at all the info that is already coming out and the points already made that support the officer. Not listening to the officers, reaching in the car, etc. Wait and see what else comes out, let the process work.


@Brian139 not intentionally singling out…trying to understand

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@Randyb, its fine, it doesnt bother me at all. I am just not going to jump to any kind of judgement on the Kenosha shooting this close to the event with so much more information yet to come out. First reactions based on incomplete videos have a tendency to be guided by emotion that does not get checked when the facts come out. So still, no opinion.