Responsible Citizen or Reckless Vigilante?

A 17-year old citizen has been charged with first-degree homicide after shooting two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While facts are still trickling in, at first glance there are many questions this incident brings up. As responsibly armed citizens, many of whom are trained and permitted concealed-carriers, what are your concerns with this incident? Is this young man a responsible citizen, reckless vigilante, or something in-between?


I believe he was wrongfully influenced and don’t even believe he knew what he was protesting about. He wasn’t educated enough to understand right from wrong or even know about any gun laws. Well I heard he wasn’t even from that area.All details are still not out yet. Where did he get the gun? Was it self defense? I can’t put myself in his shoes.


Wrong place at wrong time.
Stupid things made between stupid people.

All above NEVER end happily…


This was just the first time. It is just a matter of time before it happens again when they pull a gun on another CCP person and it will not end well. I hate to wish this on anyone but I hope it is a group of rioters and and whom ever puts down everyone of them on camera.


Need details. There is so much still unknown about this situation.

One thing I will say, the law applied to him should be applied to all, including the rioters, the arsonists, everyone. And if rioters and protesters get zero bail, then so should this 17YO kid. Equal application, fair due process applied evenly.


@Paul1 Can I choose “confused kid” that should have been home with his parents?


That’s a good possibility. @Jeff-A1.


@FunCycle An incident already occurred in Austin, TX between three CCP holders. Two in a crowd of “peaceful” protestors and a driver that was assaulted by them.


If I was his father, I wouldn’t have let him go. Like @KevinM says “the best way to win a fight, is to not get in a fight.” Young man shouldn’t have been there, knowing there was a more than good chance of confrontations.

Now, with the information we have so far, was what he did illegal? He can legally own that gun. He was attacked, and tried to retreat. He tried to turn himself in to the police on scene.

Again, like others said, he shouldn’t have been there. No good was going to come of it. But, at what point do the citizenry decide enough is enough?


There is a recent precedent, when youths who killed a 59y.o. in Maryland with one blow to the head (game of knockout) got sentenced to community service and anger management.


@Jeff-A1, that was my very first thought. He’s a kid. A young kid!


To identify any other threats with trained eyes; Situational Awareness.

Help other people to train properly to follow the safety rules and to do their best to obey the laws of their state.

Better prepare to handle their EDC and to know how to respond under stress and threatening situations. " SHOULD I SHOOT ? " READ BOOK !!!

Work well with law enforcement.



I would remind people he is old enough to be in the military, i was at 17. He has obviously has some training to be able to neutralize threats with one shot, from his back, while instinct shooting. Don’t get hung up on the he is a kid line.


He crossed state lines looking for a fight.

While it’s arguably self-defense, I wouldn’t want to be his defense lawyer.


He’d be better off if he’d enlisted instead.


They’ve brought us to the brink of the purge! They empowered and endorsed death! I expect a lot more of this as we get closer! This is no surprise. Can’t say you didn’t see this coming. Be aware of your surroundings!


Welcome to the family brother and you are in the right place at the right time.


In general I wait about 3 or 4 days before I believe anything the news reports but this one is a little different. The news is absolutely spewing facts about this young man. The below statements are taken from the news so believe what you will.

The owner of the rifle is not known but supposedly the young man is in a Jr. Deputy program in his hometown.
He went to Kenosha to provide medical assistance during the riots and to protect businesses.
This one is questionable but I heard it . His father drove him there.
He turned himself in to LEO this AM.
He participated in cleaning up graffiti in his hometown the morning of the incident.

I did watch several of the video’s and IMHO he has a fair SD case. I am not the only one who thinks so, the Lawyer who took on the News for Nicholas Sandeman (Lindwood or Lynn Wood) is going to pro-bono this young mans SD case.

I dunno if I would have traveled to a riot to offer first aid but if there was one locally … that’s all I’ll say about that. You can bet if for some reason I was in a riot by choice I would have been similarly armed if not more so.

Oh and the criminal history of the dead and wounded are pretty significant to include the guy that will probably lose his arm that had a pistol was a convicted felon.

Being armed in a riot with good intentions is not a criminal act (there may be some debate over crossing state lines). Defending yourself when attacked for whatever reason is why we are all here and also not a criminal act. It will be up to the judge and jury to decide this one but I think this young man has a fair chance of walking away, albeit with a heavy load on his soul. Needless to say his dreams of being a LEO are pretty much over.

Other observations:
There was only protesting and no or little rioting last night in Kenosha. Don Lemon came out and said the violence was helping Donald Trump. The Democrats in charge are NOW seeking Federal help in multiple locations. Coincidentally DJT is up in the polls in the past 2 days. Things that make you go HHHHMMMMM.




What violence? The protesters are peaceful, no?

I guess the peaceful ones and their Molotov cocktails are getting uncomfortably close to their own homes. What’s next? Reinforce the police?