I really enjoy 100% of being a member of the USSCA and have been a new member for about 15 months. Would never change to any other program or ever cancel my membership. There is so much learning information and opportunities for training out there that they provide. The USCCA offers all of us responsible legal armed Americans so much more than just insurance or legal assistance. With that said, I do have one little thing that has been on my mind that I want to share. I think it is all from just being an American that stands up for our flag and all the lives sacrificed or first responders, that keeps our American flag waving. When I joined the USSCA one thing that I felt so great about was seeing the logo with red, white and blue colors with the American eagle. I know in the last few months the logo has changed to a yellow color, I understand fully the reasoning for this change to yellow and how we all need to be so cautious in everything we do these days protecting our family and communities. Not asking the USCCA to change anything because their reasoning for this change is so valid. Just wanted to see if other members are feeling the same and if I am the first to bring it up?
Thanks for your time.

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We did discuss this a while back. I don’t mind the black and yellow. The patriot in me likes the red, white, and blue. The sheepdog in me, is down with the condition yellow.


Thanks for the post. I wondered why the logo color changed but hadn’t researched it. Your post prompted me to look into it.

I actually prefer the gold logo design. :+1:

I recently bought one of the newly logoed t shirts, and I have to say I like it. But I won’t wear it out except to a range day, an USCCA event or around the house.



It feels like good quality, it looks great, and I would wear under another shirt. I was getting some shirts to wear for the expo. I had called in to see if they had gotten the polo versions in with new logo, and they hadn’t but they did have these new t shirts

Thank you all for your feedback. I am taking all the opinions seriously and understand your thoughts. Just proud to be an American and a member of the USCCA.


One additional point that I forgot to mention in my original response:

The gold-over-black logo when used in conjunction with the American flag; i.e. on a T-Shirt, poster, web/digital, etc. - actually helps the American flag stand out. I think it’s important, visually, to show that distinction (although not necessary).

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I wear my responsibly armed shirt on the 2nd. Makes a nice conversation starter. If I am going somewhere “sensitive” then I will cover it with an unbuttoned shirt.

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