USCCA Logo Strikes Again!

So, standing at an ATM, and this 20-something guy walks up behind me. Suddenly, I hear this voice - “Where’d you get that shirt?”, referring to my USCCA Responsibly Armed American t-shirt. “”, I reply. His response…?

“That’s a badass shirt, Bro.”

And it’s USCCA for the win!!! :grinning:


My son and I went to a large computer warehouse store this weekend. One of the employees told me I was wearing a great shirt (USCCA logo T-shirt) as he gave me a nod. I asked “are you a member?” which he replied yes to. I asked if he was part of the community and he said not really, we talked enough I think he will be soon.


Awesome! I wear mine from the USCCA Expo all the time with pride!!!


Last night I went to a leadership meeting. And I was wearing my USCCA Firearms Instructors Polo. and it did get noticed. And I had some people ask me questions about USCCA and what they did. And we talked about it. And I told them to check it out to find out more.


I got the USCCA branded Nextbelts. Kept one for myself, gave the other to my dad.

He wore his through airport security, and one of the TSA Agents saw it, and gave him a thumbs up.

I don’t display USCCA logos on my person because I’m afraid the bad guys might know what it means and decide to target me first, but I periodically see a USCCA sticker on the back of somebody’s car and am encouraged that there’s another good guy out there.


Yea. I’m kinda the same way. I usually won’t wear NRA or USCCA stuff as I don’t want to be targeted in the case of situation arising

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