USCCA email ad for grey man gear

This email is as comical as the grey man apparel and gear it’s advertising.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice looking stuff, and I will probably end up buying some of it, but it is hardly grey man if it has the USCCA logo on it. I mean nothing shouts, “Nothing to see here folks.” as much as a United States Concealed Carry Association logo.


I suppose so.

But, good or bad, not many people other than lawful concealed carriers or maybe their immediate family know what the logo is. I would guess, anyway

It’s certainly more gray, or at least less loud, than a lot of the other stuff that has like words like GUNS and FIREARMS plastered across it in bold contract lettering.

For those who want absolutely no tells at all…no printing, no logos on clothes, no decals on car, no plastic holster clips on the belt, nothing…this apparel would not be a good choice.

If that’s you, buy some training accessories or first aid supplies or books instead. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard!!




Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here.

I do agree, anything with our logo isn’t very gray, but like @Nathan57 pointed out, probably most people don’t recognize the logo. What really matters is that thugs and criminals don’t recognize it. On the other hand, if they do, they may just decide to move on.

I tend to never wear clothes with printing or graphics, but I do wear my USCCA hats on a fairly regular basis. The only person who ever said anything to indicate he knew what it was was my brother, and he lives in NY state where they unconstitutionally restrict carry and where USCCA isn’t even allowed to sell memberships. Still, he’s an NRA member, hunter, marksman, and he knows all about us, even though he can’t join.

I don’t bother being too gray. I have US flags on my truck and boat, I wear cargo pants or shorts specifically to carry ammo, light, knife along with my EDC(s), and I walk with confidence and purpose. If a bad guy wants to pull s#it, I wouldn’t mind if he had a moment’s pause seeing me. I’ve already seen him.


I have never had someone ask me anything about my T-Shirts or Hats.
Put Trump or Biden on them? I would get mobbed like Taylor Swift at a grade school during drag queen gender transition hour!


Welcome to the family brother @Buckeye_Blues and we are happy to have you here. BTW the few times I have worn my USCCA gear, shirt, hat etc. I have never been questioned about it.


Now THAT was a poetic visual. :joy: :laughing:


I had a similar reaction when I saw the email. Same reason I don’t own 5.11 gear.
Only time I get to wear gun-related stuff is when going to the range


Thanks for the welcome folks!


As a volunteer rep of rights groups, I talk to many people, most are firearm owners, and when I mention USCCA, most do not have a clue what it is. So, clearly, they would not recognize the logo, either. Many people at gunshows in Virginia do not even know what the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is, either.


The majority of gun owners probably are not aware of the USCCA or any other company in the same general area of business.

NRA - yes. After that…huge drop-off for any nationwide org or group or association of any kind in terms of widespread awareness