Use of taser vs using your firearm

HI I here is a question I have recently purchased a taser not a stun gun to add to my self defense
capabilities I was wondering if by chance you have a training video on when to deploy taser or use a

Welcome to the Community, @Raymond1!

Here are a couple of blog articles about carrying a taser - the first one explains the reason I don’t carry one:

Who else carries a taser? What are your thoughts?

Depending on where you live (MN, WI during winter) a taser is worthless because of the clothing being worn.

During the Civilian Police Academy the Sgt told us how many times he had to tase one person in order to get the person to comply.

So while using less than lethal taser might be nice it is not for me with where I live.

And while we are it might as well say something about pepper spray. Unfortunately there is a number of people that pepper spray has no effect on.