Question on use of force TASERS

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I bought myself a x26c Taser back in June from a local gun shop and I was curious on the use of force and what to do if I have to use it. And would it be ideal to carry both a small taser or stun gun along with your conceal carry firearm?

I heard from MikeTheCop (Youtuber) Saying tasers are good but they dont work all the time and he mentioned if you can carry one with your conceal carry would be a good idea.

I’m guessing in the sense of an attack where one feels that even though using lethal force is necessary but want to take less then lethal means.

I live in Ohio and Ohio laws state you can open or conceal carry a taser and stun gun with out any license or permit. Though it does have its restrictions like to where not to carry, alike with firearms. Pretty much the exact same locations as firearms.

So if a scenario is your being attacked and had to use a Taser in this instance, what do you do?

On the back of the box of the taser it does state if used you have to file a police report.

Also another question, if someone else is being attacked, would it be a bad idea to use a taser on the attacker of the other person if you try telling them to stop and they dont stop?


Tasers are a great tool in addition to a firearm. Unlike pepper spray, they can be used indoors without affecting everyone in the vicinity and rarely result in a death. But, as warned, tasers, like any weapon, is not 100% effective and are more likely not to work on some people under the influence of certain drugs or who are having a psychotic episode. I have been tased twice in my lifetime, both times as part of taser training and it absolutely SUCKS! I have also been pepper sprayed on purpose once and by accident a couple other times. It sucks to be on the receiving end of both tasers and pepper, although, the effects of the taser does not last as long.
Keep in mind, civilian use of a taser is to give the opportunity to get away from the threat. The 26C is a 10 second pulse that can be triggered three times. The idea is hit your target, get them down and run like hell.
If you deploy your taser, you need to call the police as soon as it is safe to do so. I would advise that you carry it in addition to your firearm because it does not always work. Most police today are carrying a taser, pepper and a baton in addition to their firearm. Each of these is a tool in the arsenal that can be used based upon the threat presented. If you deploy your taser on someone who is doped up, it may not drop them but, instead, piss them off even more. If the first pulse did not slow them down, they are only 15 feet away and you probably need to be thinking about moving up a notch on the force continuum.
As far as using a taser for the defense of others, you need to look at what Ohio law says about use of force in defense of others. My guess is that if you can use you deadly force in the defense of others, less than lethal force is probably OK.


Also note: can ignite certain pepper sprays.

A 5 year study following several PDs in California determined that tasers are effective 53% of the time. Drugs, Alcohol and bad weather all played a part in the 47% failure rate.

My take away from that study is: tasers aren’t worth it where I live. We get precious few t-shirt and shorts months where they are most effective.


Playing off of Mikes ball here.

One thing to keep in mind is that you might well find yourself in a pickle because if you go to the taser/stun gun it could work against you making a claim that it was a deadly force situation.

If you’re willing to use a less lethal/less that lethal tool, you might find a prosecutor willing to assert you didn’t have the element of “imminence” if you then have to use lethal force.

Also, you are really putting yourself at risk by using ECM’s of any kind because they have a high failure rate. If you go electronic first, you may not then have time to go to a firearm should it fail and the perp charges you.

In places where you can legally have the electronics but cannot carry a firearm I would think it’s a worthy tool to have on you if you have the budget and desire to use one.


I appreciate the advice too, thank you gents.

I’m inclined to advise against these, but would be happy to hear advice from a strong advocate.

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One additional item I’d like to put on the table - there have been incidents where LEOs (who are trained to choose taser or firearm, and on how and when to deploy each) have grabbed the gun when they thought they were grabbing the taser and shot or killed someone.

If you’re going to carry both, consider a taser that is NOT shaped like your gun - the similarity of grip can contribute to the error of thinking you’re tasing when you’re shooting instead.

For me, while I like the idea of having a less lethal option, if I tase and it doesn’t work, now I’m WAY behind the speed and reaction curve on getting my firearm out and in the fight. The point @WildRose raised about how a prosecutor may see it is a thing I would worry about as well.

Personally, for all those reasons, I don’t carry one.


Ditto on what Zee said, you put yourself way behind on the curve and an aggressive prosecutor can definitely make the imminence argument.


I agree. Police have pulled their firearms thinking it was their taser. Police will usually carry their tasers on their non-dominant side and cross draw or they are carried on their tactical vest, away from their firearm. ANd police have a LOT of real estate on their belts and vests that you don’t have with concealed EDC.
Taser makes another model, the Taser Pulse that will contact emergency services when deployed and give GPS coordinates. It produces a 30 second pulse to allow ample time to get away. I’ve not seen or used one but I have had 2 5 second pulses that seemed like an eternity. 30 seconds is CRAZY but who ever gets buzzed is going Ro be slow getting up.


I know of the Taser you are talking about it has an unacceptably high failure rate if both prongs don’t get in. Cold weather, means layered clothing which means very small areas of opportunity.

But it does hurt like heck and you aren’t getting up to chase anyone down.

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Really good points. One way LE agencies are working around the accidental gun grab is by purchasing only tasers that have very bright colors and mandating they be carried on the opposite side from their firearm.

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That’s one of the problems all of the tasers have regardless of make or model.

They must connect with both probes/pins directly embedding into the skin to have any effect, otherwise they don’t ground.

Even the best tasers have a hard time getting through thick, quilted, and/or layered clothing.

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