This is why I don't trust Mace or Tasers if my life is on the line

Yes I have been Tased before, yes I have been maced before. Neither stopped me. But I was a younger man then. No I was not under the influence of any substances. Other than pure rage.


Just goes to show, you never know what may happen at anytime & anywhere.
Stay Aware of your surroundings.
Thanks for the video.
The flaw I see is, officers are people and this becomes a HUMAN FACTOR, we have flaws.

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Fake tasers?
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Wires attached dating service?:crazy_face:
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Symptoms look like excited delirium. He would be in acute medical emergency and not in control of his actions at that point. Needs chemical sedation and a trip to the hospital

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RE: Thread title.

Generally, if your life is on the line, you do want something more reliable than pepper spray or a taser. The real benefit to having a less lethal or non lethal option, such as pepper spray or even a Taser, is for the self defense situations that have not risen to the level of using lethal force. Where your life is not on the line, but you are needing to use some level of force to defend yourself.

Perusing FBI UCR stats indicates that the vast majority of attacks and thus potential self defense incidents are not to the level of justifying lethal force. Which are then probably, often, a good application for pepper spray/taser.

Generally a firearm and pepper spray/mace/tasers are different tools for different jobs, neither really replaces the other.

Carry both. :slight_smile:

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