Friday Favorite: Stun guns

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What’s your favorite stunning defense?

I don’t own one but my wife has one just like the pink one in the picture. I was hit with a cattleprod years ago when I was a teenager and I know how bad that hurt. I didn’t know I was even hit till I was lying on the ground and couldn’t feel my right leg from where my cousin hit me in the hip with it.

I have heard that in Iowa, the stun guns and tasers are now legal but they are not as potent as one might expect. They do not have the knockdown power needed to get yourself away from your attacker. I was thinking of getting one for my wife but learned that people were playing with them and reported that they were dumbed down to a light charge. Enough to make someone mad but not strong enough to “put them down”. If this is true, then it is a waste of money as a form of defense during an attack.

A Springfield XD or XDM in .40 or .45acp.

Stun guns are far too unreliable to be of any great value to self defenders. In most states you cannot use one unless you have a justified use of deadly force to begin with.

They should only be used when you have absolutely no other options available and/or “lethal backup” meaning someone backing you up with a firearm already deployed and trained on them

Welcome to the Community, @Paul12! There’s such a huge variety of stun guns and people that you run the risk of finding the person who isn’t as affected by the stun gun. You also run that risk with a firearm if the person is high on drugs.

However, at this year’s Concealed Carry Expo, two of our team here were tased and they definitely don’t want to experience that again! Here’s Heather’s experience:

Does your wife carry a firearm also?