USCCA Used After Altercation REAL STORY


Delete if inappropriate but here’s a great USCCA plug. I love your videos but when so many others in the community plug your company it makes me even happier to have a membership. If you’re on the edge of getting hopefully this helps.


HeyI That guy looks familiar! Where might I have seen him before? Hmmm?


I’m pretty excited I’m finally able to take a class. Just trying to work it into my schedule.


@Sheepdog556 where are you training and what class?

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Fighting pistol in Tennessee.

Next year I’m taking the trifecta


@Sheepdog556 Yes! I think the Trifecta ( Fighting Pistol, Immediate Action Medical, and The Fight!) at Tactical Response is the core of the right mindset. This is what it is truly about. Most instructors can improve marksmanship, but not that many are teaching how to win a gunfight. These classes will give you the mental tools necessary to know when you have to fight and when you need to leave and what to do if someone you love is traumatically injured. Leaving is preferable since no one wins a gunfight! The best you can hope for is to survive a gunfight.