USCCA Needs to comment. IMHO

I know a sales pitch when i see one. But IF there is any validity to the comments on this YouTube channel I think it would be in USCCA’s best interest to clarify the matter.

To be clear I’m staying with USCCA. But the guy is certainly going to get a reaction - positive and negative.


It’s misinformation. It’s wrong.

Being charged with a crime is not being convicted with a crime. Being charged with a crime is not itself an exclusion.

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Call them and ask for yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Call 800-674-9779 24-7-365 friendly help and honest answers.


Beat me to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Long, old and neverending discussion…

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… so if you are long enough at this Community, you already know what does it mean… :slightly_smiling_face:

If not… Use search tool and find threads about Marc J Victor… :person_shrugging:


The Youtuber seems to think that USCCA is in business to promote the 2nd Amendment and defend every action and pay out ever claim made by its policy holders.

Insurance of any kind (homeowners, health, auto, etc) often involves fighting with the insurance company to cover a claim. Realize that insurance companies are businesses that are more profitable when the premiums they collect are greater than the claims they pay out. They are not in business to lose money.

Don’t like a company’s claim record or practices? Take your business somewhere else or roll the dice and go without insurance. Or, as some have advocated with health care insurance, socialize the entire industry (Medicare for all!).

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They will cover you up until your final appeal.