Liability insurance for gun owners

I just came across this article that they say is still much alive this bill that this mayor wants to introduce

Any comments or any thoughts? I think this is crazy for them to force this on us I already have protection from USCCA

It’s not carrying liability insurance it is a TAX to purchase a firearm or when they start going back through 4473’s to OWN a gun which is as they say a “Pole Tax” to cover the cost of any gun related expenses that the city incurs. Not sure how the or Liability insurance thing would work as the local gov’t is not set up to be an insurance clearing house and private insurance would not be effective because it puts no $$$$ in the city coffers which is the real goal. Then there is the whole insurance that you MUST have or face a fine thing which we have seen played out before except that was for a service (Medical Care) and this is for a right. Lots of fight left to defeat that one.




This sounds like another money making scheme. We have a constitutional right to bear arms, to protect our families and property. That should enough protection. We decided to, were not forced to, join the USCCA. That was our choice. That’s what freedom is all about. The rest of it, I think, is extortion and greed.


San Jose, remember this is the same city that allowed Trump supporters to be attacked.


It should always remain a choice people that educate themselves as to the responsibilities of gun owner ship and especially carry for the right reason will hopefully come to the same conclusion I did several years ago.

How can I carry a firearm to protect myself and loved ones and not have firearm "insurance " to protect myself and loved ones?


I agree the the articles end theory. He’s grand standing. There are thousands of gun laws on the books, and they keep looking for that better mouse trap, while ignoring the earlier solutions they wanted. It’s all political, all blaming and object (the gun) and not the criminal. No enforcement of personal responsibility.

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Do we need liability insurance for free speech, free press, or any other rights? Maybe we do?(being sarcastic)