Is this guy right?


Sounds like he found someone to pay him more money for his endorsement for whatever it’s worth. :thinking:

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There are a lot of reasons to choose to take responsibility for your own safety, but you don’t have to do it alone. More than 795,000 law-abiding are USCCA Members, and you can be too. And counting. With 20 years in business, if USCCA screwed the membership, we would not be growing daily. :+1:


He doesn’t care about training that could, most likely keep him out of a murder trial to begin with, just cheap insurance that may or may not get you a good, fair, great 2A attorney that will plea him out of a murder conviction?
Or did I miss something? :thinking:


We do have to face facts, we are phucked. The world is off it axis, we see it daily! Crime is legal if you voted correctly. The courts don’t work anymore. There is no recourse to the law! There is no law and order. The game is literally over. I’m resigned to the fact that we lost this country and all we can do is grab the popcorn and watch the country we once fought for and swore an oath to, burn.
I just got out of the hospital from my second cardiac arrest after seeing that idiot at the U.N. And the only word that comes to mind is TRAITOR❗️we’ve been betrayed and we are actively being invaded! I’m not actually worried about a lawyer anymore. My life is worth more than a shi4head with an AK pointed at my face!

I can hear all the arguments now, “well, if it’s pointed at your face, yada, yada, yada…
This administration is coming to kill us by proxy! It’s just so obvious! The only person I can truly count on is my wife. She doesn’t doubt she doesn’t hesitate! If anything we are going down together! Knowing we did the right thing at the right time.

No one is going to save us whether we are right or wrong. Because it’s all backwards! So in some ways, he’s absolutely correct. The whole system got corrupted.

Even here, there’s more feelings given to the people that don’t appreciate the way we feel about our country and our thoughts, be they truth or humorous, get flagged and dismissed. Sometimes even banished! That’s no way to treat loyalty or law abiding CITIZENS! We are still citizens of a country that votes for the right to be represented fairly.

The day he spoke to the U.N. is the day we lost the constitution!

In truth, nobody really has our backs, not in 2023! From 2014 to 2020 I was positive I was completely safe. Hesitation kills. If I have to think for one nanosecond that I will not be covered when someone tries to kill me, all I can hope for is that they at least pay for the funeral services. You can’t avoid sh1t when they are legally able to break into your home and kill you, because of who you voted for! They will kill you, then laugh about and be out the very next minute! We are witnessing this on a daily basis. Mark my words, crime will increase 1 million percent within the year! The purge is on, we are not safe and companies can and will be compromised!
Just because we are the good guys doesn’t mean we are immune, exactly the opposite!
I will be thinking hard about all of this. I do want staunch supporters by my side, because right is still right no matter what the media says. I will die knowing I’m right!

I’m just praying for my children and grandchildren! This country had a good run. Good luck to the idiots that want to change it. I would love to see them when the money runs out and there’s nothing left to eat. Being a slave to China should suit AOC perfectly. Or living in the new third world country should appease the likes of Nancy Pelosi! She and they may have armed guards but they will still have to step in sh1t sooner or later! It’s going to be waist high!


Unfortunately, yes! As soon as that bullet leaves the barrel, you better hope it says democrat on your voter registration! I believe this is the way of the world now! I’ve come to understand, that all that was fought for was for NOTHING! They’ve accomplished their goals.
We can’t fix it. We’ve been overrun! Trainloads of illegals, sorry, that’s an all out invasion!
Truthfully, there should have been tanks and claymores at the border, not good men and women!

Evil is triumphant!

Sorry, having a second heart attack makes you see the world way more clearly!


Glad I didn’t watch Biden at the UN then


No, he is wrong. Misinformation.

Being charged with a crime does not make you a criminal.

Being charged with a crime does NOT exclude you from a covered act of self defense.


Also, on the AoR site, it states: You reasonably assert in good faith that you acted in self-defense or in defense of others [bold font is theirs]. So, I don’t see it as different, and as others stated, cheaper is not likely to be a good thing when you are facing criminal charges.


I love watching this guy. Tells it like it is.


Unfortunately, in this case, he is wrong.

Being charged with a crime isn’t what makes you a criminal, being convicted is.

Being charged with a crime is not itself an exclusion.


in this day and age when dealing with the intolerant left…

just being charged with a crime can result in cancellation etc…

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He’s absolutely correct. That’s why I ended my relationship with the uscca insurance. In one of the threads I created(Am I morally responsible for the next crime a criminal commits if I had the ability to stop them and didn’t)it was also said to me that even my vocal disagreement with their passive, even fear mongering training philosophy of deadly force as an absolute last resort would make me harder to defend therefore harder to insure. Possibly even uninsurable. That doesn’t sound like a very pro constitutional entity. In fact, when you really think about it the nra, uscca, goa, and the like all exist and are born from and for gun control. Without it they would be unnecessary and reduced to a passive beginners training entity. I didn’t want my money back because I was given a safe, received great beginners training, and was introduced to an amazing community of citizens. I was very appreciative of all of that and felt it was a steel for a little more than $300.


I missed that one. Would you mind linking it?

I also strongly disagree that the USCCA was “born from and for gun control”

Training and education doesn’t come from gun control…quite the opposite, if anything…there wouldn’t be USCCA training videos on how to concealed carry and how to run your AR type semi auto rifle if gun control had its way.

It’s literally called the US Concealed Carry Association and concealed carry is something the gun control advocates wouldn’t even allow.

But also, despite its name, membership benefits go far beyond concealed carry. Even people who don’t carry benefit from membership (I suspect most members don’t carry even half of the time). The training and education includes first aid, home defense, non-firearm self defense, situational awareness and decision making to avoid danger in the first place, etc, and the additional benefit of being an additional insured on the self defense liability insurance policy the USCCA purchased is for any lawful act of self defense not otherwise excluded so it does NOT have to be with a firearm at all.

You don’t even need to own a firearm to benefit from membership.


The insurance, it’s about the lawyers and insurance they claim to provide. That’s what is born from and for gun control. Also the reason I originally purchased my membership like most of us. I carry a firearm as much as I possibly can. I’d say close to 98% of the time. That thread had over 300, maybe close the 400 responses. You can go look if you want. I’m not a liar. My insurance will remain the constitution of this great republic and my moral obligation to do what’s right according to the Ten Commandments. Some people don’t like that and that’s ok. Believe in whatever you want to believe. That ability is a gift and a curse of this great nation.


I don’t know that it’s a fair statement to say that “gun control” is the only reason there is the potential to be charged with a crime, or sued civilly, after using force against another person. And again, membership in USCCA goes way beyond this aspect. Training and education in how to concealed carry, draw, and hit your target for example certainly isn’t valuable only because of gun control.

Especially since many such incidents don’t even involve a firearm.

Do you have a link to the thread so I know which one to search for the discussion on potentially being “un-insureable”?


Did you read my post? I said I was thankful for all of that beginner training stuff. I didn’t even want my money back. Why are you attacking me? This thread is about the insurance. You responded to that thread many many times yourself in the same way your responding to this one. Very predictable and generic. Kind of towing company lines. I don’t mean to be combative but you’ve accused me of lying and are doing the same thing here you did there. It’s under training I think.

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I did not accuse you of lying, I’m sorry if something came across that way. I did not know what thread you were referring to, I don’t recall someone being told they were un-insurable, it sounded like an interesting discussion I wanted to look up and finding things ‘blind’ in the forum, even if I posted in them in the past, can be difficult without a starting point.

If you claimed in that thread that USCCA membership only exists because of gun control, I suspect I did probably respond similarly.

BTW I did search the forum for the word “uninsurable” and I didn’t see this thread that I could tell


I think his thread was called:

(Am I morally responsible for the next crime a criminal commits if I had the ability to stop them and didn’t)

I couldn’t find it.


It’s actually under this heading. Legal and second amendment. “Am I morally responsible for the next crime a criminal commits if I had the ability to stop them but didn’t to be safe?” If you remember, I kept using the acronym F.E.A.R… Some people Forget Everything And Run while others Face Everything And Rise. People didn’t like that. Any who, yes! The uscca retains the right to refuse service for many many reasons just like any other insurance company. And yes, that insurance is only needed due to gun control. And yes, there are other services that I am more confident would defend me no matter what as long as I was within my constitutional right to do so.

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Fight or Flight? Could a person be morally responsible for a criminals next victim if they had the chance to stop a criminal but choose to be safe and hide or allow the criminals to get away? - Self-Defense - USCCA Community (