Dropped self defence insurance

I’ve been seeing several stories and videos involving USCCA dropping coverage in self defence shootings. While I’m not completly beliving everything said, what real assurances do i have if I’m involved in one just protecting myself, or others from iminent bodily harm? I’m getting concerned I might be wasting my money.


If you’re talking about Kayla Giles…USCCA doesn’t cover cold blooded murder.


No, not that one. There’s others though. Been coming up on my youtube and news.


There are two examples being spread around on YouTube. One was premeditated murder (Giles), the other was not, despite competitor claims to the contrary, ever dropped or denied (Alan Colie).

800,000+ members, 20+ years of USCCA, thousands of members that have had tens of millions paid out following acts of self defense, and the competitors are pointing to a premeditated murder from 2018 and a guy currently appealing with an attorney paid for by USCCA member benefits.

Looks pretty good to me?



My views on this ongoing Horse shite is this Brother.
IF you Train-up (and the USCCA’s training is better than this Competition)
Use Situational Awareness
Avoid going to stupid place, doing stupid things w/stupid people
Have to use your Weapon(s) in a Defensive situation
The USCCA will move Heaven and Earth to BACK you to a Successful win in the COURTS!
Think on this for a second Brother,
The SAME people ATTACKING the USCCA are trying to steal you for their benefit and Your Money
ask yourself WHY are they so bent on discrediting us instead of PROVING to you how much better
they are to us. I NEVER hear “well, we are better in this aspect than USCCA because…”
All I here is whining and Falsehoods from them
There are (800+) THOUSAND of us who believe in this Company, Community, Delta Insurance.
Look at the Community members my friend, This isn’t a bunch of whiner’s and Amateur’s.
You can fill VOLUMN’S with what the competition isn’t telling you.
If your concerns come from YOUTUB or the MSM—get better sources.

Editor’s note: I am NOT in the employ of any part of the USCCA, I am a member.


If it were me, I’d just call uscca and ask them about the specific cases you are concerned about, and ask them any additional questions you may have. Best to hear it directly from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Edit: I’d also do my own research, based on the response from USCCA. The thing is, as you may know, there’s people out there that bash their competition, people/organizations they don’t agree with, and/or pass things they heard somewhere as fact instead of doing their homework. Not saying everyone out there is full of the brown, just take everything and do your best to discern fact from fiction.


OMFG… Here we go again. :roll_eyes:


Seriously, you believe U-Tube and the news?


Why would you not want to talk about this?

As someone who lives in the South (Eastern) part of the country, I’m particularly concerned with regard to large groups of young people who have been shown to engage in mass assault, where the victim is simply overwhelmed by attacks from multiple suspects.

Many viral videos are available to demonstrate this threat.

How does one effectively engage such attackers, and will a racial component be presented during any prosecution should one survive such an attack?

What are you even talking about??? My comment was about false claims made against USCCA again and again and again ad-nauseum.


Well then, perhaps you should clarify and elucidate your comment in the first place (which you did not).

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Gee… I thought it was obvious.

Dropped self defence insurance - Legal & Second Amendment - USCCA Community (usconcealedcarry.com)


OMFG… Here we go again.


IMHO knowing what self-defense means is key.




Hmmm… Taste’s oddly of buttered popcorn? :yum:


What he said. Probably another Troll. Just joined two months ago and had never posted about anything else.

To the OP, PLEASE CALL the 800 number on the back of your card (if you are actually a member) and talk to the USCCA about it so you get your information directly from them. The other 799,999 members are happy that we have this figured out and don’t listen to internet BS as our guidance on the subject.

Or feel free to drop your insurance, or go to a lesser plan. It’s all the same stupidity…



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I agree with you, Nathan57.
All the stories or “rumors “ have turned out false.
The “true” ones turn out to be “illegal” claims where what the supposed self defender actually did is break the law.
Then, USCCA has no choice but to drop the claim as it is then an action against the law.
eg you can’t aggravate the situation by calling someone names after pulling your gun to force an issue.