USCCA Members We Need Your Feedback!

We joined for the coverage as platinum members, after a close call that could have turned bad. As with anything its one of those things that you don’t think about until you need it. Honestly it was a good motivating factor to reevaluate and seek to be better prepared.

After a year or so I then upgraded to the elite membership for both of us as I find great value with all the resources, training and information.

My friend just became a USCCA certified training instructor and is opening his own business.

We’ve been working and training with him for the last few months and it has been absolutely exciting, it’s about being honest with yourself and seeking to make yourself better from my perspective.

This last year proved a bit more hectic, and almost year to date is beginning to wind down, I hope to find more time to interact with the community, yet as we just bought a travel trailer we’re going to be traveling quite often and getting off the grid and enjoying being away from the city with just the two of us, or with our adult children and especially our grandchildren.

The invitation to this community has been very enriching, the sharing of knowledge, opinions and experiences is a valued resource that simply makes this one of my best decisions I’ve made and I say to others quite often is that I wish I had joined sooner.


All of the above


The other day, literally, I decided to become a gun owner because of (honk, honk) President Biden’s threat to take our guns away or make it impossible to own one. I knew there was no time to delay, that I had to go purchase a gun because I don’t want to be the last American to not own a weapon for my protection.

The Leftist Democrats who have taken over our government and threaten our American way of life are to be feared. I refuse to be subjugated to their stupid whims. That’s why I’m a member of USCCA and a soon-to-be gun owner.


@uscca I will take Gary_H’s sweatshirt should he win.


Not only for the insurance, but for the training and education. Lots of good info from a lot of smart gun owners as well .stay safe everyone.


Been a member one year; Initially joined for the insurance benefits. The deciding factor was wanting legal support if involved in an event. Learned a lot, proud member.

As much as I support and live the 2A lifestyle, IMHO I think some of the member T-Shirts, and magazine covers convey controversial antagonistic messages, which I don’t identify with. Mainly want to get home safely to my family.


I came for the education, because Daddy shared articles and told me “everyone should know this - whether they have a gun or not”. I was a member a couple of years before I bought my gun. The most important factors for me are the philosophy of the USCCA: responsibility, and the importance of education and reflection in preparing oneself to function responsibly - not just as a gun owner, but as a person.


Who doesn’t love this guy? :smiley:


I’ll be at the Expo in October, @Todd30 - would love to meet you there!


Joined for the insurance the USSCA YouTube videos are especially helpful with what will happen after a self defense shooting what to do and what not to do.


Welcome to the family @Keith80 and you are blessed to be here.

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I added the insurance shortly after joining, but also cancelled all my other “gun” magazines because after reading the CC articles, the others were just advertising formats.


The insurance was the driving factor that brought me here. The community and training are why I chose USCCA over other options.


I agree the Insurance is a the primary reason for joining, but the plethora of reference material and training offers educational opportunities that we can share with non-members to help them understand more about 2nd amendment rights and firearm terminology.


I came for the insurance and have stayed due to the sense of community, trust and reliability. It’s nice as a Wisconsin Resident to support a Wisconsin based self defense organization.


Originally just for the insurance, but found so much more valuable information.


with the country being in chaos, the insurance was why i joined.


I joined for the liability insurance. I was surprised with all the other benefits and the community. A definite bonus.


Joined for the liability insurance and became interested in the training and education. I have used in training my wife, step mom who was strictly opposed to guns, now carries every day, and my step brother.


Retired law enforcement and carry concealed.