USCCA apps - state line notifications not working

I have USCCA and Reciprocity apps.
Locations is on.

It used to alert when we cross state line.
I am not sure when it stopped working but last month I was attentive and I did not receive any alert.

Am I missing anything?


That feature is no longer included in any of the USCCA Apps. It was removed over a year ago when updated to the apps were released.

We do understand that it is a popular feature and have passed that along for future app and update considerations.


I paid extra for my TomTom GPS to have Homer Simpson’s voice.
Imagine having one for USCCA members visiting Kalifornia as they approach state line…


It is very useful feature and one of the best selling point. Algorithmically very easy to implement without much additional cost.

I really wonder why would they remove it.
And if they relived it why is the app collecting location data?


All phones should have a built-in feature for entering the state of California, sorry residents. :disappointed:


Or . …

“In 800 yards, pull over, reconsider your destination and then turn and and go back to the land of the free”


I don’t think that USCCA will make the available at all (based on recent changes with USCCA).
So that brings the question - Does anyone know of any app or way of getting such notifications on phone?

Any map app other than google maps?
Any other app? I was reviewing “state lines” app; useful app but it is not clear if that app notifies/alerts you.

As of now, I have developed iOS shortcuts - when you run it it tells you what state you are in and opened up USCCA state page. It is not possible to have it dynamically alert you (there is no easier way to run that shortcut constantly and verifying the location in relation to state line).