I am really disappointed with way the USCCA App’s works or should I say not work as they once did. Use to be able to receive an alert when crossing state lines and it was more easier to understand and find yours and other state laws. This new apps are part of the reason i am on any of the app’s or community, why make things more complicated?


Thanks for the feedback, @Lu-Can, we will be sure to pass your feedback along.

This was part of an app change that we made to include Protector Academy materials and increase the amount of information on the Reciprocity app. Because of the amount of information needed, we felt it was best to separate them into different apps. We will be looking at what improvements can be made and this will all be taken into consideration.


For reciprocity stuff I prefer the full website and reciprocity map page by viewing desktop through my browser. Might be worth trying that instead to see if you prefer it


@Lu-Can I had the same problem so I just use my browser, lot’s easier. Have a good one.:us: :us: :us:


@AL34 sorry for the delay but work has me very busy this time of the year. I just miss the notifications when I cross state lines. I do not use my phone to much when driving so the notifications is hand because it help me to remember I am carrying since it is normal for me I am so use to it I forget I have it. It helps me as a reminder when I cross into states like Illinois to check gun laws.

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I find the new “” link very useful and thorough. Doesn’t solve the state line issue, however.

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@Larry130, this is how it use to be and the way I enjoyed it because you can see some of the other states laws quickly. The way the app’s open up now is a little more work.

Be careful with that plan, though, if you are illegal to continue as you were, you are illegal as soon as you cross that line. You don’t really get, like, a grace period to wait until you stop, get your phone out, figure out what the laws are, and then fix yourself.

You will want to know what the laws are before you cross that state line. When you leave the house and will be changing states, it’s a good idea to know, before you leave the house, what is required, and really pay attention, because after you’ve cross it’s too late