Problem with the USCCA App

I’m having the following problem with the Phone App and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem and or if there is a fix. Both the toggle switches for “Use My CCW Info” in the Reprocity Tab and the “Alert when crossing state lines” in the Account Tab will not stay on. Also, I am not notified when crossing state lines which is a major concern to me. I’ve called this problem in about 5 times without resolution. I’m using an iPhone 11 with IOS 14.3 and the USCCA App Version 1.5.2. My location services are always on and notifications for badges and sounds are on in the App. Any help would be appreciated!

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Does this on android too. Has for a while.


Thanks! The USCCA Reps said they had never heard of the problem from other members, so I’ll let them know. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you stay in the app it’s fine. But once you close out and it gets suspended those setting revert.


I hadn’t been in the app for a few weeks. When we went to see my sister in law, I got the “your license is valid here” message crossing the Mississippi River. Sign in, turn it on, and you should be good.

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It doesn’t work for me. Whenever I leave the app running in the background or close it, the two toggles are off when I open the App again.

That’s weird. I just went to mine, clicked on my account, and all switches were on.

I’m special! BAHAHAHA


I’ll let the team here know the specifics.

I hate to sound the the quintessential tech person, have you deleted and reloaded the app? :nerd_face:

I’ve reloaded my android phone a couple times since noticing the issue and it has still persisted.

Funny thing is that it remembers my home state. It’s just the “Use my CCW info” is turned off every time I go in.

USCCA Moderator - I haven’t deleted and reloaded the app, but I just did and the problem continues.

I’m not a techie but have you enabled location tracking for “always” in settings?

The only option I have is while the app is in use. There is no allow all the time with the USCCA app.

iPhone SE IOS 14.2 has “always”

Thanks, yes my location services are set to always.

Removed email address from post. ~Dawn

I gave up on the app.

I’m going to pursue the issue. It seems to me that this is a vital part of the app and needs to be fixed.

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I know the app is being worked on. Let’s see if I can get any updates…